Dean Nor­ris


Break­ing Bad made a huge im­pact dur­ing its time on screens. What did you take away from it? It was such a great show to have been a part of and it’s still with me; it’s still hard to grasp the whole im­pact it made be­cause peo­ple are still dis­cov­er­ing the show. Two sum­mers ago at its peak it was like be­ing in the Rolling Stones. It was in­sane; it was like a cul­tural phe­nom­e­non around the world. I will take away get­ting to do re­ally, re­ally great work and work­ing with re­ally great peo­ple. Some­times all you re­ally want is to have that in your back pocket. So I got that one. We’ll see if another one comes along (laughs).

You’re one of the hard­est work­ing ac­tors in show busi­ness. Tak­ing you back 20 years to NYPD Blue, where did you think your ca­reer was go­ing at that time? You have ups and downs and things that you wished had worked out. But I am a guy from In­di­ana so just to make a liv­ing as an ac­tor was it. If I could do that, I’d be happy and for­tu­nately I got to do that early on and

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