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A pros­thetic hand com­plete with cir­cu­lar saw, an end­less pa­rade of stars in cameo roles and the con­tin­ued ado­ra­tion of fans are the least of the high­lights of Shark­nado 3: Oh Hell No! for star Tara Reid.

None of them matched the news for the for­mer Amer­i­can Pie star’s as her dis­cov­ery that ac­tor Bo Derek was cast as her mother in the third in­stal­ment of the so-bad-it’s-good cult schlockbuster.

There is no short­age of cameos in Shark­nado 3 — David Has­sel­hoff, Jerry Springer, the US To­day Show hosts to name a few. Who was your favourite? When I found out Bo Derek (pic­tured above with Tara) was play­ing my mother I was like, “Are you kid­ding me — Bo Derek?” She’s an icon. I’ve looked up to her my whole life. I’m like, “You got Bo Derek to get in Shark­nado? — what is hap­pen­ing?” I thought, “Wow, I’ll take that. It must mean I have some se­ri­ously good genes if she’s play­ing my mum.” She’s a re­ally beau­ti­ful per­son, on the in­side as well as the out. She’s calm and in­tel­li­gent and fun-lov­ing.

Did you have any scenes with “the Hoff ’? No, he shoots with Ian (Zier­ing) and plays his Dad. The thing about Shark­nado is that once it’s fin­ished you can end up in scenes with some­one you ac­tu­ally don’t shoot with, be­cause of the use of CGI and the green screen. The funny thing is dur­ing film­ing we never, ever see a shark. It’s hi­lar­i­ous — it’s just all make-be­lieve sharks. The di­rec­tor is scream­ing, “OK, the sharks are com­ing,” and we’re like, “Where are they, where are we look­ing?” We are jok­ing, “What if it’s like the size of f a gold­fishldfi h and d we are ff­reak­ing freak­ingki out?” We just hope e that they fill it with big enough ugh sharks, and enough of them, m, to match our act­ing.

In Shark­nado 2, yourour char­ac­ter, April, lost her hand to a shark. How’s that pros­thetic work­ing ng out in Shark­nado 3? It’s this great pros­thetic, thetic, which is so much more than just a cir­cu­lar saw — it’s like the bionic hand now,ow, it can do many things. It’s ’s not just a saw. It be­comes a per­son­al­ity of its own. wn.

Surely there are some draw­backs to hav­ing a cir­cu­lar saw hand? The big ben­e­fit is that hat you can kill a lot of f sharks. I guess the disad­van­tage mightht be … well … scratch­ing your nose would be haz­ardous.

Is it true you camee up with the “Oh Hell l No” tagline for this movie? ovie? Yeah, it’s true. We were shoot­ing in Or­lando do and we were jok­ingg around on Vine mak­ing his video and I was like, “Oh hell no’, and then boom, all l of a sud­den it’s out there re on this Vine, and it be­comes ecomes a tagline for the film. m. And then I got Jed­ward to do a song for the film (the band has a cameo in the movie).


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