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Move over Bondi Vet, there’s a new Dr Chris in town.

Chris Stott (right) is 26, well­built, blonde, a grad­u­ate vet, and has the town of Berry, where Fox­tel re­al­ity show Vil­lage Vets is shot, talk­ing about his sim­i­lar­ity to another TV vet, Bondi Vet’s Chris Brown.

That’s due in no small part to shame­less rib­bing from his em­ploy­ers, Vil­lage Vets stars Dr James Car­roll and Dr An­thony Ben­nett, who jok­ingly nick­named him “Blondi Vet’ or “Berry Vet” af­ter he joined their prac­tice about six months ago.

The man him­self takes it all in his stride, adamant he’s ab­so­lutely no threat to Bondi Vet’s hottest vet ti­tle. And he gives as good as he gets when it comes to the rib­bing.

“I’m blonde, I’m a vet, but I’m nowhere near as good look­ing as Chris Brown,” Stott says, re­veal­ing a dry, self­ef­fac­ing sense of hu­mour sim­i­lar to Brown’s.

“I can’t com­pare with those looks and those abs – he just leaves me for dead.

“Bondi Vet can keep the ti­tle – I might have a shot at it in another cou­ple of years – I’ll just need to do a thou­sand sit-ups a night ev­ery night be­tween now and then if I’m to be any chance.

“I’m not sin­gle – my girl­friend would cas­trate me if I said I was, and her fa­ther and brother are also vets, so she knows ex­actly what that means.”

Bathurst-born Stott says he didn’t re­ally ac­count for the fact that his first job out of univer­sity might in­clude be­ing part of a fac­tual re­al­ity TV se­ries, and also star­ring his bosses.

“They did men­tion it, and I sort of didn’t take them se­ri­ously. Then I thought: ‘maybe the last thing I want is to have all my stuff-ups doc­u­mented’,” he says.

“Vet-wise I only grad­u­ated a year ago and the learn­ing curve ini­tially was steep. But with each day you see and do more, and An­thony and James are ter­rific – it just be­comes eas­ier and eas­ier as time goes on.

“As for the rib­bing, it’s all good fun and makes for a good, happy work­place.”

Stott has only one com­plaint – his come­backs get edited out.

“They put all the bits tak­ing the piss out of me, but leave out all the re­but­tals – it’s a bit of a one-way ar­gu­ment,” he grins.

“I can’t com­pare with those looks and those abs – he leaves me for dead”



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