Aly­cia Deb­nam-Carey


Aussie ac­tor Aly­cia Deb­namCarey is the toast of Hol­ly­wood af­ter scor­ing back-to-back roles in two hit se­ries. The 22-yearold from Syd­ney plays stun­ning, but vi­o­lent war­rior princess Lexa in The 100 and brood­ing sub­ur­ban teen Alicia in Fear The Walk­ing Dead — which broke ca­ble TV view­ing records when it pre­miered.

You don’t like hor­ror so what did you think of the script? At first I was say­ing to my rep: “I don’t know if this is re­ally my thing.” I get heart pal­pi­ta­tions just watch­ing ba­sic com­e­dy­hor­ror stuff. (My rep said) “Read the script, see what you think,” and I did love it. The Walk­ing Dead does such a great job with that world, it is real but it’s also oth­er­worldly … I be­came quite in­vested in the whole zom­bie phe­nom­e­non.

Did you ever get scared while film­ing? You open your­self up and then sud­denly it’s 2am and it’s pitch black and you are run­ning away from some­thing that is run­ning be­hind you — you can get very caught up in and feel very un­com­fort­able. Sur­pris­ingly, there is quite a light­hearted dy­namic on set, too.

Did you feel much pres­sure given the suc­cess of The Walk­ing Dead? Yeah. I’m so proud of it for that, be­cause it does have its own tone and at­mos­phere. Ini­tially, there have def­i­nitely been peo­ple who didn’t en­joy it be­cause it isn’t like the orig­i­nal but we have a duty to make sure it is dif­fer­ent and that it fol­lows its own path.

There was much de­bate online about mak­ing the pi­lot a slow mov­ing fam­ily drama … That’s ac­tu­ally one of the things that drew me to the script in the first place … es­tab­lish­ing a slow burn of what hap­pens when a civil­i­sa­tion falls apart. You get to see who you’re root­ing for first and then how they’ll deal with the crazy cir­cum­stances.

And you’re cur­rently back film­ing The 100? I’ve started to re­alise that it is a big com­mit­ment and I think I may have un­der­es­ti­mated that one re­ally.

The two char­ac­ters could not be more dif­fer­ent … I think there is a lot to be dis­cov­ered with (Alicia) and how she’ll deal with sur­viv­ing the apoca­lypse, but it is an ab­so­lute treat to go from one thing which is a very nu­anced, lay­ered drama and then go into this sword wield­ing badass princess sort of vibe (laughs). How do you feel about 2012 ABC doco se­ries Next Stop Hol­ly­wood? I don’t know that I would do it again. It was very in­va­sive. I hoped that it would be done more as a doc­u­men­tary in­sight with an in­tegrity to it and I don’t know if that got lost along the way. But it def­i­nitely helped me still be over here now.

How was your first ap­pear­ance on a tonight show — Jimmy Kim­mel, in late Au­gust? That was com­pletely nerve rack­ing. I don’t re­ally re­call what hap­pened. I was so thrilled that I sud­denly got to do some­thing like that. It felt like, wow, that was a big kind of step for me over here.


Aly­cia Deb­namCarey is en­joy­ing be­ing part of the hor­ror.

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