Olympia Valance & Ryan Moloney


With their char­ac­ters’ lives left in the bal­ance in 2015’s Neigh­bours cliffhanger, will Olympia Valance and Ryan Moloney re­turn to Ram­sey St? The pair talk about the mo­ment they re­alised their time might be up on the hit soap.

When your char­ac­ter’s life is in dan­ger in the sea­son fi­nale, do you in­stantly as­sume you’ve been fired and peo­ple for­got to tell you? Moloney: “Well, you know how long your con­tract is. I sup­pose if it was to­wards the end of your con­tract you’d start to worry.” Valance: “I ac­tu­ally have gone to peo­ple at the top and said, ‘Please don’t kill me! I don’t want to die!’ I love my job and I love Neigh­bours so I was like, ‘Please don’t!”

It’s not un­heard of for a soap char­ac­ter to come back from the dead though, or re­turn as an evil twin … Valance: “That’s true. Scott McGre­gor, who plays my part­ner Mark on the show, died and came back. He came back from wit­ness pro­tec­tion so I guess that could hap­pen to me.”

Did you two chat af­ter you re­alised you were both part of the cliffhanger? Valance: I have to be hon­est with you, I only ever read my scripts. So I don’t know what hap­pens un­til the show airs. and then I’m like, ‘Oh my God, is that what’s hap­pen­ing?” Moloney: “Per­son­ally, I’ve got my scenes and I come to work and do what I’ve got to do and then I spend the rest of my time study­ing for avi­a­tion (Moloney is study­ing for a com­mer­cial pi­lot’s li­cence). So in terms of know­ing other peo­ple’s sto­ry­lines, good luck.

Do you watch the show? Valance: “I live next door to my mother and she’s ob­sessed with the show. So al­most ev­ery night I’m like, ‘Come on over, Neigh­bours is on,’ and we sit and eat din­ner and watch it.” Moloney: “No, I don’t. Toadie’s mar­ried to some­body else and I don’t want my kids to see me kiss­ing an­other woman.”

Should your char­ac­ters make it to live an­other day on Ram­sey St, what would you like to see hap­pen to them? Moloney: “I’d like to see Toadie go on a hol­i­day to Van­u­atu. Just have some time off on a nice sandy beach some­where and drink pina co­ladas by the pool.” Valance: “I’d like to see a fu­ture for Paige and Mark. I think they’ve gone through enough over the past year and it would be nice for Paige to have a bit of sta­bil­ity and hap­pi­ness in her life. But who knows? It is Neigh­bours — noth­ing ever goes to plan.” NEIGH­BOURS, ELEVEN, WEEK­DAYS, 6.25PM

Olympia Valance and Ryan Moloney’s char­ac­ters may not sur­vive an­other year.

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