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The na­tion mourned when Matt Le Nevez — and Dr Pa­trick Reid — de­parted Off­spring in 2014. But the Aus­tralian ac­tor hopes there’s a hap­pier end­ing in sight for his lat­est char­ac­ter, ac­ter, Jim Marsh.

Hav­ing joined oined Love LoveChild Child in sea­son two, Le Nevez’s Marsh has won hearts, arts, in­clud­ing that of the show’s’s lead­ing lady. But given he’s cur­rent­lyur­rently lan­guish­ing in prison, will ill it all end in tears again for TVV view­ers?

What can you tell us about where Jim is when Love Child re­turns on Mon­day? We start the e sea­son and Joan (Jes­sica Marais) rais) is look­ing af­ter his young child hild while Jim’s in prison. He’ss stuck and not sure how he’s go­ing ing to get out. He is talk­ing to a lawyer but the case isn’t look­ing g very strong.

Is Jim a char­ac­ter ar­ac­ter you can re­late ate to per­son­ally? ? That’s a goodod ques­tion. With Jim there­here are cer­tain traits ts I can re­late to and they’rere not nec­es­sar­ily his best qual­i­ties. He’s e’s very stub­born. And nd he’s fiercely in­de­pen­den­te­pen­dent and finds it hardd to take any help from any­one. ny­one. That’s quite a male e thing and I can re­late to – but ut when you’re read­ing the scripts you can see it as a fault ult of his. He’s fiercely loy­alal which is a qual­ity I ad­mire. But then he can get him­self in­too trou­ble be­cause of that loy­alty be­cause he cuts off his nose to spitepite his face.

Love Child is a lit­tle like Off­spring ing in that the fe­male­male cast and char­ac­ters are very dom­i­nant. Do you en­joy those kinds of dra­mas? I do, I re­ally en­joy it ac­tu­ally, es­pe­cially in a world to­day where there’s a big push across all of the arts to try and get gen­der equal­ity. To be in­volved in two shows that cham­pion that, I’m very proud. I wasn’t re­ally look­ing to go over to an­other tele­vi­sion se­ries (af­ter Off­spring) but it made it eas­ier for me hav­ing seen the first sea­son of Love Child, see­ing what strong women they are, how strong the per­for­mances are. Did you have strong fe­male role mod­els grow­ing up? My mother was a re­ally strong role model in my life but I can’t re­mem­ber too many strong fe­male role mod­els on tele­vi­sion. I think it is im­por­tant for young girls and boys to see women mak­ing de­ci­sions in­de­pen­dently, and not feel like they’ve got to be some­one’s sis­ter or someo some­one’s girl­friend or some­one’s wife.w So often in film and tele­vi­sion­tele­vis the fe­male role is some­one else’s part­ner or side­kick whe whereas in this show it’s the men wh who are in that role and I revel in th that. That’s a beau­ti­ful thing thing.

Off­spring is aboutab to launch a new sea­son. W Will you watch it? I live over in LA but I’ll try to watch as much as I can. I watched quite a bit last sea­son with Pa­trick­BrPa­trick Bram­mall on the show and I knowkn a cou­ple of the cast who’ve­who joined this (new) serie se­ries. I’m a huge fan of so many of the ac­tors on this. I can’ can’t wait to see what that crazy clan get up to.

You’ve f filmed two other se­ries th that will re­lease this yea year — The Ket­teri Ket­ter­ing In­ci­dent and Brock. What’s next? I’m com com­ing back (to Aus­tra Aus­tralia) to do some pub­lic pub­lic­ity for The Ket­ter­ingKet­teri In­ci­dent but I’m tryin try­ing to spend as much tim time as I can with my fam­ily fam­ily. I had a good year and a h half away from them so I wa want to spend as much time w with my son (Levi) as I canc while he’s young an­dan be­fore he heads to school. There are a few things float­ing around lat­erl in the year, but I’m en­joy­ing the downt down­time.


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