The Dal­ton fam­ily


Gog­gle­box’s Dal­ton fam­ily from Toorak — daggy dad Matt, mum Kate and teenage girls Millie and Holly — have be­come un­ex­pect­edly fa­mous since the show took off.

What sort of re­cep­tion do you get from the pub­lic? Matt: Some peo­ple know us straight out, oth­ers go: Where have we met be­fore? I went to Helsinki, Fin­land (for work) and I was in a cafe by my­self and a bloke walked up and said: ‘You’re the Gog­gle­box dad aren’t you? It was one of the first times any­one had ever recognised me. And he said: ‘Oh, my kids reckon your jokes are worse than mine’. And then he just walked off. You’d think you’d be safe in Helsinki at 7.30 at night from some­one com­ing in and bag­ging your dad jokes.

You are fa­mous for dad jokes … Matt: The kids cer­tainly give me some grief on dad’s jokes, but you know what — it’s like any­thing, if you took them away the kids would be ask­ing for them, so that’s why I give it to them all the time. Kate: We ban­ter to­gether so we take ev­ery­thing in jest. Re­ally it’s all in jest, even some of the things that get brought up about my cook­ing, you’ll find I’m laugh­ing half the time.

Is Fa­ther’s Day a big deal at your house? Matt: I think it should be the most im­por­tant day of the year but I don’t think it is in our house. We prob­a­bly go out to din­ner as a fam­ily. I don’t think those mas­sive presents come my way tra­di­tion­ally but Kate, I’m happy to change that.

It seems like the girls love you a lot de­spite your jokes ... Matt: I was a very ac­tive dad with the kids grow­ing up and we’d go to a lot of sport­ing events and all that sort of stuff. So whilst I’m work­ing all the time, I sort of did my fair share and it gets paid back in spades when the kids get a lit­tle bit older which is good. Kate: He’s 100 per cent right. From day dot Matt’s al­ways been in­volved, even with nap­pies and tak­ing the girls as ba­bies when they were cry­ing ... Matt: Can I just stop you there? Kate just said: Matt’s 100 per cent right” can you make that your head­ing? Be­cause I don’t think it’s ever been said in the history of our fam­ily. Kate: OK, smarty.

Who gets more em­bar­rassed when you watch raunchy pro­grams for Gog­gle­box: the girls or you two? Kate: (Laughs) I think Matt’s the one that gets more (em­bar­rassed). He’s sur­rounded by girls. Matt: I nor­mally walk out be­cause I’ve al­ready watched the show!


The Dal­tons ... dad Matt, mum Kate with daugh­ters Millie and Holly.

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