Drew Bar­ry­more


Few ac­tors s could re­main charm­ing while chomp­ing through body­ody parts, but that’s ex­actly what hat the peren­ni­ally en­gag­ing Drew Bar­ry­more man­ages inn her lat­est role.

In new Net­flix com­edy The Santa Clarita ita Diet, Bar­ry­more plays a sub­ur­ban­bur­ban mum and real es­tate agentnt who has turned into a zom­bie.bie.

Along­side ide her on-screen hus­band, played by Ti­mothy Oliphant, Bar­ry­more is chal­lengedd with nav­i­gat­ing sub­ur­bia while try­ing to feed her vo­ra­cious ora­cious ap­petite foror hu­man flesh. Sur­pris­ingly, pris­ingly, Bar­ry­more e cred­its the show with also be­ing both a phys­i­cal ys­i­cal and spir­i­tual makeover.

This role came along just as your mar­riage was end­ing — did it help you? I think thiss woman is go­ing through ann awak­en­ing g and I loved get­tingt­ting to have that out­letwith­out­let with (se­ries cre­ator) ator) Vic­tor (Fresco) esco) and Tim (Oliphant), hant), who are solid, won­der­ful der­ful gen­tle­men who have been mar­ried for a long time e and were such a safe placee for me to spend my sum­mer er while my whole life was just sort of fall­ing apart.

Was that part of what ap­pealedealed about this show? ? I was just, like, in a re­ally low point and I read the scriptcript and it made e me laugh and made me feel eel some­thing, , and it took me out of my own world that wasn’t su­per pleas­ant at the time and I thoug thought, maybe other peo­ple want to b be taken out of their un­pleas­ant times and be trans­ported into some­thing that’s cool and di dif­fer­ent.

Tell us how play­ing­playi Sheila in­spired you to getg in shape. I kept think­ing ab about what this woman was go­ing through and tried to track it in my real life and, other than ea eat­ing hu­mans — which is make b be­lieve at the end of the day—day — it was re­ally awe­some f for my real life. IwasI was so h hun­gry when we start started be­cause I was tr try­ing to lose 9kg. IwI was 65kg when we started and I wanted to end a at 56 so in or­der to do that you haveh to eat sens sen­si­bly. Sheila is eati eat­ing hu­mans an and if you were on an all­pro pro­tein diet you w would thin out. T There’s just no que ques­tion about it. So it gave me a goal lin line.

Sheila’s mar­riage seems ro rock solid on the show. We’re a showashow about how you make thing things work and I love that Vic­tor was like ‘I don’t want to sees a cou­ple fight­ing’, and IwI was like ‘nei­ther do I’. I li like see­ing that peo­ple can be­come a team through ad­ver­sity.a I liked this fam fam­ily. Fam­ily is ev­ery­thing to me on my radar and daily life. And I also just need to laugh, but I don’t want­wan empty laughs. I want com­edy that comes out of an emo­tional thin thing.”


“It took me out of my own world that wasn’t su­per pleas­ant at the time”


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