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She in­tro­duced mil­lions to the won­ders of do-re-mi in The Sound of Mu­sic, now Julie An­drews is teach­ing a whole new gen­er­a­tion about the magic of the arts.

As the star and co-cre­ator of new Netflix chil­dren’s show Julie’s Green­room, Dame Julie runs a theatre school for a rag­tag lit­tle bunch of Hen­son pup­pets.

Each of the 13 episodes fol­lows them as they over­come chal­lenges to get their acts on stage, with the help of guest stars, in­clud­ing Alec Bald­win and Carol Bur­nett, un­der Dame Julie’s gen­tle but firm ral­ly­ing call: “The show must go on.”

This show brings you back to where you started — teach­ing chil­dren about mu­sic. How does that feel?

In a way ev­ery­thing that I have ever wanted to do has re­lated to chil­dren. But it’s funny, I didn’t start out to adore chil­dren so much that I made The Sound of Mu­sic … but it did fos­ter such a fol­low­ing af­ter­wards with chil­dren and I sud­denly saw how much it meant.

That was a gift to me and so I have al­ways felt, why not give back and treat them well?

It’s ev­ery­thing to do with who I was, who I am and what I would like to leave be­hind, what I would like my legacy to be and what I still hope to con­vey.

Did you want Julie’s Green­room to stand apart from other shows for very lit­tle chil­dren that fea­ture those repet­i­tive ear­worms that can drive the rest of the fam­ily batty?

We wanted to try to bring in the fam­ily, the par­ents or maybe the grand­par­ents, and so to try to write with sev­eral lay­ers so that the fam­ily might en­joy it to­gether or en­cour­age the chil­dren to watch it.

How did this project come about?

For years and years I have wanted to do a pro­gram about the arts for chil­dren but it didn’t come to pass for one rea­son or an­other. The Hen­sons do ev­ery­thing so won­der­fully well and I was talk­ing to Lisa (Hen­son) and we just de­cided the time was right. She said, “With pup­pets?”, and I said, “Ab­so­lutely”, and then we had the idea for this lit­tle school and my own lit­tle theatre.

What else would you like to see as your legacy?

I have just been so very for­tu­nate that all of these opportunities came to me and were passed un­der my nose. I am blessed. I mean, I had a lot of train­ing as a kid and a lot of times when I won­dered what I was do­ing go­ing around and around Eng­land and do­ing vaude­ville and slug­ging away — but noth­ing is wasted, ab­so­lutely noth­ing. It’s all been use­ful in one way or an­other, dis­ci­plines or do­ing it well re­gard­less of how tacky or dif­fi­cult it is.

“It’s ev­ery­thing to do with who I was, who I am and what I would like to leave be­hind”


Julie An­drews in her green room.

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