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Alexan­der Eng­land has hit the head­lines re­cently, as the boyfriend of ac­tor El­iz­a­beth De­bicki, who is win­ning global ac­claim for roles in The Night Man­ager, The Great Gatsby and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2.

On screen, Eng­land has been earn­ing some im­pres­sive cred­its of his own, with sub­tle but stand­out per­for­mances in Howzat! Kerry Packer’s War, Pa­per Giants: Mag­a­zine Wars and The Beau­ti­ful Lie; be­fore land­ing a role in Off­spring last year as Harry Crew, a cri­sis con­sul­tant and new love in­ter­est for Nina Proud­man (Asher Ked­die).

When you joined Off­spring, did you know Harry would end up get­ting se­ri­ous with Nina? I didn’t re­ally. As far as I knew I was there for two episodes. It was never framed to me as ‘hey, you’re the new love in­ter­est’. I can un­der­stand why you wouldn’twoul say that – be­cause it is a lega­cylega of very tal­ented lead­ing menm and the idea of weigh­ing in on that scene – with the fan baseb who are very loyal and do haveh strong opin­ions – could be in­tim­i­dat­ing.

What dod you think Harry sees in Nina? Nina is a vi­brant, car­ing per­son.perso And she is funny. She findsf her­self tan­gled up in life. Maybe for Harry, who is a fairly con­sid­ered guy and likes to make an in­formed­inf de­ci­sion, she rep­re­sentsrep a won­der­ful en­er­gyene that is al­lur­ing.

I thinkth a lot of sin­gle par­entspa will re­late to the Nina/Zoe/Har­ryNin equa­tion. The idea of fam­ily is shifting. Har­ryHar loves Nina for who she isi and part of that is as a mother.moth What is re­ally sat­is­fy­ingsat­isfy about this sea­son is see­ing how that re­la­tion­ship with Zoe grows – as Zoe ne­go­ti­ates a new guy in the house. He ne­go­ti­ates hav­ing this beau­ti­ful pres­ence to look af­ter. There have been a num­ber of it­er­a­tions of Nina now. Her char­ac­ter is chang­ing. Harry is chang­ing too.

What has it been like work­ing so closely with Asher? It has been great. As a scene part­ner she is such an amaz­ing ac­tor. She lis­tens and she cares about the story. She is mas­ter­ful. She can go right to those very dark, deep, tragic places – very per­sonal things – and in the next scene be swing­ing from the chan­de­liers. El­iz­a­beth is mak­ing big waves over­seas. Has her suc­cess in­spired you? That ex­am­ple is right there. In terms of the re­la­tion­ship, it is per­son­al­i­ties com­ple­ment­ing each other. There are def­i­nitely peo­ple around me who are achiev­ing these things and who aren’t scared to be am­bi­tious. That has been im­por­tant for me to learn along the way. Now I look at it (in­ter­na­tional suc­cess) and re­alise it is pos­si­ble. It is all within reach. You’ve just got to put your hat in the ring.


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