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If you’ve no­ticed that Shark Tank’s Steve Bax­ter seems grumpy this sea­son, you’re not alone. And it doesn’t worry him in the slight­est.

“Look, it’s me, It’s all me,” Bax­ter says. “I tend to be pretty hon­est, maybe too hon­est. Some things set me off.

“Some­times we’re talk­ing, and talk­ing, and they’re not lis­ten­ing. You’ve al­most got to de­liver that fig­u­ra­tive slap in the face to say, ‘wake up son’. Be­cause, be­lieve me, I’ve been there.”

It’s not just clue­less busi­ness own­ers who irk Bax­ter, but at times, also his fel­low judges; Ja­nine Al­lis, An­drew Banks, Naomi Sim­son and Glen Richards.

“I don’t like the en­trepreneurs wast­ing peo­ple’s time with poor ad­vice,” he says. “I hear a lot of ad­vice that’s there to make some­one feel good. What would make them feel re­ally good is hon­est ad­vice.”

Bax­ter says the process of hear­ing busi­ness pitches is “re­ally bor­ing” com­pared to the fi­nal cut.

“The pitches go any­where from 40 min­utes to an hour and a half,” he says. “The short­est I’ve ever had was 20 min­utes, those guys were ter­ri­ble.

“Some of those unedited pitches are ac­tu­ally re­ally bor­ing. Chan­nel 10 do a good job to make it fun.”

Grumpy or not, Bax­ter says he’s made sev­eral worth­while in­vest­ments on the show, and that if a fourth sea­son goes ahead, he will hap­pily re­turn.

“I get to meet a lot of peo­ple, and hav­ing a lit­tle celebrity opens a lot of doors. I’m a very happy par­tic­i­pant.”


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