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Amer­i­can su­per­star DJ and pro­ducer Diplo crossed into the main­stream work­ing on hits for Bey­once, Madonna and Justin Bieber as well his own act Ma­jorjo Lazer. There­wasThere was also that time ime he dated Katy Perry.

James mes van der Beek, whose e ca­reer ex­ploded in 1998 as the lead char­ac­ter in TV hit it Daw­son’s Creek, has dis­cov­ered­vered his com­edy gland in re­cent cent years. He played an ex­ag­ger­ated ger­ated ver­sion of him­self in cult lt hit Don’t Trust The Bitch in Apart­men­tart­ment 23 five years ago, now he’s play­ing a very ex­ag­ger­ated ger­ated ver­sion of Diplo in six-part -part TV showWhat­show What Would d Diplo Do? – the brain­child child of Diplo him­self.

Celebri­ties brities usu­ally in­sist on air­brushed rbrushed ver­sions of them­selves em­selves on pro­grams rams they cre­ated. ted. What twaswas Diplo o like? The first thing he said too me was ‘Make Make me melook look ridicu­lous. Go ass far as you want’. We ac­tu­ally ally had to make him a lit­tle bit en­dear­ing ndear­ing so peo­ple would want to tune in ev­ery week! He’s so tal­ented ented and so con­fi­dent in his abil­ity, bil­ity, he’s al­ler­gic to tak­ing him­self elf too se­ri­ously. It’s re­ally rare some­one ome­one is that will­ing to com­plete­ly­pletely take the piss out of him­self.mself. I thought the show could d be a para­ble about life through ugh the eyes of a clown – a mu­si­cal ge­nius who suckss at life.

Surely ly it’s also rare to play some­one who’s still very much at the top of their game. It sure e is. He makes a lot more money than I do! He’s got a very big brand and he’s global. We didn’t want to make it like En­tourage, we didn’t want to glo­rify the world. Diplo is very elo­quent about tak­ing the piss out of DJs and the whole EDM cul­ture and him­self. We fol­lowed his lead. He was our prism through which we saw the­world.the world. The whole show was a big fun


“It’s re­ally rare some­one is that will­ing to com­pletely take the piss out of him­self”

You’ve cast an ac­tual DJ, Dil­lon Fran­cis, play­ing one of the faux Diplo’s mates... Dil­lon is hi­lar­i­ous. And he was the au­then­tic­ity me­ter on set at all times. I ac­tu­ally cast him off what he was do­ing on Snapchat. He is play­ingp a char­ac­ter with a low­er­low IQ than is nor­mally func­tion­al­func­tion and some­how you still wa want to be around him.


Apart­ment 23 now nows seems like a turn­ing point in yo your ca­reer. It opened a lot of doo doors for me. I’d just had my fir first child. Some of the things th that seemed im­por­tant to me be­fore­befo had re­ally lost their lus­tre lus­tre. I was look­ing at my ca­reer, I en­joyed do­ing com­edy pri­vately.pri­vate Mak­ing fun of your­selfy­ourse and what­ever fame you h have seems un­grate­ful when it first­fir hap­pens to you. It felt like time to play around with com­edy,com­edy pro­fes­sion­ally.

Next year is the 20th20 an­niver­sary of Daw­son’sDa Creek start­ing. DoesD it feel like two decades ago? It feels like an­oth­er­a­n­oth life­time ago. I com­plete­ly­com ap­pre­ci­ate when fans who have just wa watched it have a con­nect con­nec­tion to it, it’s im­me­di­ate to them. When­ever youmyou make any kind of art it belo be­longs to the peo­ple you made it for. I try to re­spect thatth when I meet fans. It waswa a huge op­por­tu­nity I’ll a al­ways be grate­ful for. But forfo me per­son­ally, I’ve h had more life af­ter that show than be­fore I started it.it It re­ally feels like a high schoolsc mem­ory for me.


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