Ni­cole da Silva


Ni­cole da Silva is best known for play­ing tough-talk­ing jail­bird Franky Doyle in Went­worth. But it’s her char­ac­ter Char­lie Knight on Nine’s Doc­tor Doc­tor that da Silva shares the most in com­mon with, apart from her de­sire to swim in that muddy coun­try lake or date broth­ers, that is …

How does it feel to be back for a sec­ond sea­son of Doc­tor Doc­tor? It’s so much fun. What’s nice about this sea­son is we go on a com­pletely dif­fer­ent jour­ney with Char­lie. We de­part from the love tri­an­gle she’s been hav­ing with Hugh (Rodger Corser) and Matt (Ryan John­son) and we start to in­ves­ti­gate who Char­lie is. And she’s got a book in the works so it will be in­ter­est­ing to see where that takes her.

Do you think it’s strange Char­lie is mar­ried to Matt but she pre­vi­ously dated his brother? Could you date broth­ers in real life? Now that’s a ques­tion. I’ve got no idea. Look, it’s gonna be awk­ward, it’s gonna be weird but I think there’s a lot of sweet­ness in the way Char­lie and Matt got to­gether,to­geth so I think it’s al­right.

What do you have in com­mon with Char­lie?C Char­lieCharli is a de­tec­tive and needs to knowkno about ev­ery­thing and get to thet bot­tom of it. And I def­i­nite­ly­definit have that same high level o of cu­rios­ity.

Have you ever stalked some­one­som on so­cial me­dia? Loo Look, there have been some da dark times when you fall down the rab­bit hole. And I’ve maybe been there … a cou­ple of times (laughs). Bu But I’m never go­ing to do that again be­cause you can lose hours. There are some things you shouldn’t know about an­other per­son, un­less they tell you, you know?

Is there any­thing Char­lie does that you’d never do? Swim in that lake!

What about that fa­mous scene from sea­son one: when Char­lie jumps into the muddy lake naked? Was that your worst night­mare? No, that was a body dou­ble be­cause it was too cold in the end but I did do a lot of stuff in that damn lake. It’s her sa­cred space but it’s not mine.

If you could play any char­ac­ter in the world who would it be? Won­der Woman. If some­one said to me, you can only play one role in your whole ca­reer and then you have to re­tire it would 100 per cent be Won­der Woman. Then I would be happy to do an­other job.


Ni­cole da Silva has much in com­mon with her char­ac­ter Char­lie.

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