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some are re­ally big, some are re­ally small and there are some tricks that aren’t tricks — th­ese are prob­a­bly the ones that will gross you out a bit ….

The guy who eats light bulbs! Or the lady who sticks nee­dles through her arm. Eww. Yeah, that was crazy. And my re­ac­tions in the show — they’re all gen­uine, by the way. Like, that lady with the nee­dle — it freaked the hell out of me. Es­pe­cially be­cause you could hear it touch­ing bone.

You get ma­gi­cians to talk about their tricks — with­out giv­ing any­thing away. That’s a fine line, surely? I feel like a lot of ma­gi­cians, while they know how to deal with the press, they never re­ally get into the real good­ness of the stuff they do. They don’t like to share, or they’ll only share with an­other ma­gi­cian. So with­out giv­ing away their se­crets, I was like, ‘How do we show [all that]?’ Be­cause that world is so much more fas­ci­nat­ing than the tricks them­selves.

In the show you do plenty of amaz­ing tricks your­self. Which has had the best re­ac­tion? There are ones that I think are re­ally cool. There are ones that peo­ple in the mo­ment thought was ‘The Best Trick Ever’. And then, when you’re do­ing it for TV, you need to think about [peo­ple watch­ing at home] as well. My­self, the di­rec­tor and our ‘head of magic’, Stu­art McLeod, would sit down and be like, ‘OK, this is what it needs to feel like for the per­son we walk up to. Now, how do we have to make it feel for the peo­ple watch­ing at home?’ Be­cause that changes it.

You have a term for the way peo­ple re­act to your magic, right? I do. I call it ‘magic drunk’. It was a term we came to when we re­alised that peo­ple, af­ter magic, are just zonked out. Their brain kind of melts.

That was me watch­ing your show. Oh, good. Well I hope that Aus­tralia, and the rest of the world, en­joy watch­ing as well.


James Galea takes view­ers into the world of magic.

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