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WE read daily of home in­va­sions and rob­beries by peo­ple of African ap­pear­ance. Why is it “racist” to ex­press that fact? Are the po­lice and me­dia also “racist” for re­port­ing those de­tails? Ron­ald THE Left have be­come what they’ve al­ways claimed to de­spise — fas­cist goons. War­wick IT’S time to make Vic­to­ria safe again. We Vic­to­ri­ans are sick of these car­jack­ings, home in­va­sions and jew­ellery store rob­beries. Enough is enough. Jonathon YEP. Take the mask off (coward) and find out who he/she is sent by, paid by or af­fil­i­ated with. Kathleen WHY do the news al­ways re­fer to the Right-wing groups as “Right wing” but never the so­cial­ist crowd as “Left wing”? Lach­lan IT’S not an anti-racism rally! Peo­ple are at this rally ’cos we are sick of the vi­o­lent break ins. And the fact there is NO penalty to those in­volved. Lynette WHO would of thought the trou­ble­caus­ing, po­lice-abus­ing (man) with his face cov­ered would be one of the So­cial­ist Marx­ist crowd. Shane IT would be more ac­cu­rate to use the la­bel “anti-free speech” pro­tester than “anti-racism” pro­tester. Si­mon SO anti-racism pro­test­ers are protest­ing against pro­test­ers who want our streets, homes and busi­nesses safe. That’s the loony Left and Greens for you. Max IF some­one feels strongly about a sit­u­a­tion — in this case sup­posed “racism” — why be cow­ardly and wear a mask? Mary “MOVED on”: Yes, what a mas­sive crack­down. That is full-on! Steve AR­REST would have sent a stronger mes­sage and been a de­ter­rent against fu­ture mask­ing. She­lagh LIV­ING off your taxes and sup­port­ing same, it would be funny had they brain­washed our young into this warped men­tal­ity. Con­trib­ute noth­ing and abuse ev­ery­thing. They are the re­cal­ci­trant child not happy with mum and dad want­ing to keep their home clean and in good con­di­tion who de­cides to spite them and over­flow the toi­let. Doesn’t matter the house now stinks and ev­ery­one is wal­low­ing in the prover­bial. Nad THE anti-racism pro­test­ers have yelled “Nazi scum” and “unite to fight the Right” while hold­ing signs for so­cial is­sues in­clud­ing racism, refugees and mar­riage equality. What? No cli­mate change ban­ners? Surely they could have worked that in some­where? On sec­ond thoughts, maybe it’s the sub­ject matter for their next protest rally. Ian SO from read­ing the ar­ti­cle, it says they were hold­ing pro-same-sex mar­riage signs and call­ing the other side “Nazi scum”. Where are the ar­rests and when can we ex­pect the first pros­e­cu­tion un­der the new “an­ti­hate speech” laws? Or do those laws only pre­vent No cam­paign­ers from speak­ing? Mark THE anti-racism pro­test­ers are mak­ing their way from the State Li­brary as they pre­pare to con­front mem­bers of racist groups ral­ly­ing at state par­lia­ment ... wow that’s not bi­ased re­port­ing at all. Mike HOW is want­ing bet­ter law and or­der in Vic­to­ria a “far-Right” is­sue? This pa­per makes its money on crime sto­ries and yet you call the peo­ple who want to feel safe again far-Right racists? James SO any­one who isn’t an an­ar­chist, Marx­ist fas­cist thug is a Nazi? Nazis were the so­cial­ists of their time. By the way, a fas­cist is some­one who stops free speech, so the only fas­cists are the ones from the Left. Virtue sig­nalling won’t gain you any sup­port, just ex­pose you as hyp­o­crit­i­cal ly­ing thugs. An­drew HA HA. Five-hun­dred demon­stra­tors out of a pop­u­la­tion of four mil­lion-odd cer­tainly shows we care about it. Jared WE need some anar­chy on the streets. These mi­nor­ity do-gooder bleed­ing hearts need a good les­son in re­al­ity. The African gangs are behind the ma­jor­ity of home in­va­sions, car-jack­ings, gang vi­o­lence and more but if you de­nounce them, you are a racist, ac­cord­ing to the likes of the an­tiracist ver­min march­ing to­day. Bill

A woman is taken into cus­tody at the rally. Pic­ture: JAKE NOWAKOWSKI

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