The dual cit­i­zen mess is be­com­ing ever more con­found­ing at

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JAC­QUI Lam­bie served to pro­tect all Aus­tralians while in the Aus­tralian Army. She then went on to serve for us by en­ter­ing the par­lia­men­tary sys­tem. She says it how it is and was one of the few who ac­tu­ally put her con­stituents first, rather than just join­ing the gravy train. Hope she gets back into pol­i­tics soon, where she be­longs and can do good. MP I DON’T par­tic­u­larly like Lam­bie or some of the oth­ers who were dis­qual­i­fied based on be­ing dual cit­i­zens, but I be­lieve this ar­ti­cle in the Con­sti­tu­tion is out­dated and should be changed. Lam­bie served in the mil­i­tary, I don’t see why she should not be al­lowed in par­lia­ment even if she is a dual cit­i­zen. The same Con­sti­tu­tion made a non-cit­i­zen, the Queen of Eng­land, the head of state in Aus­tralia. Change the Con­sti­tu­tion. Joseph SO she can’t be a politi­cian, but it was OK to be in the armed forces? Seems a bit of a dou­ble stan­dard, I mean the army let her have a gun. Michael ONE week she’s run­ning around crit­i­cis­ing other dual cit­i­zens and seek­ing their pros­e­cu­tion for tak­ing pen­sions they’re “not en­ti­tled” to. Next week she’s caught in the same trap — karma. Robbo EV­ERY time she voted she voted il­le­gally, but she can still con­grat­u­late her­self on her achieve­ments — now that is an ego. Michael F THIS is just rub­bish, it should be about where you’re born, not your par­ents. Daniel I FIND it hard to be­lieve that JL didn’t know where her fa­ther was born un­til “just re­cently” ... me­thinks the lady doth protest too much ... and what about the claims in re­la­tion to Abo­rig­i­nal de­scent? Jerry THAT’S a pity. She had dopey ideas on Is­lam, but she was one of the few politi­cians you could gen­uinely say was act­ing in the best in­ter­ests of her con­stituents, and had a gen­uine un­der­stand­ing about life out­side the bub­ble of overblown eco­nomic priv­i­lege. Didn’t al­ways agree with her, but I al­ways liked her a lot. I hope she gets back in af­ter all of this insanity has con­cluded. Pro­ton HOW can these politi­cians be trusted to run our coun­try when they can’t even man­age their own af­fairs? This dual cit­i­zen de­ba­cle will go down as the big­gest joke on Aus­tralia for many years to come. James WHAT a self-right­eous bunch we are, we’ve been “con­trol­ling” this great land for more than 200 years and still can’t get it right. Maybe the indige­nous peo­ple might have a bet­ter idea, es­pe­cially in grant­ing cit­i­zen­ship. I need a “Bex and a lie down”, what a mess. Graeme OUR fore­fa­thers who wrote the Con­sti­tu­tion knew well not to al­low peo­ple who have any ben­e­fit avail­able to them from an­other coun­try to be in our Par­lia­ment where you need to be 100 per cent com­mit­ted to our na­tion and have no con­flicts of in­ter­est. Our pre­de­ces­sors fought for our sovereignty and it’s not ours to throw away be­ing trendy PC fools. Mick I WAS not go­ing to vote for John Alexan­der again be­cause the Libs don’t de­serve it, but Kristina Ke­neally is one of the worst politi­cians I have seen ever ... ever, and Turn­bull is prob­a­bly on par with her. Roddy ALEXAN­DER will romp in. Bruce IF the an­swer is “Kristina Ke­neally”, then the ques­tion must be “where’s Ed­die Obeid”? In jail, of course. Al­lan HER an­nounce­ment speech was ab­so­lutely cringe in­duc­ing. John MON­U­MEN­TAL fail in NSW. Lest we for­get. Gary GREAT choice. Can’t wait to vote her in and see the Libs squirm. A NEXT La­bor will wheel out other relics like Bob Carr and Peter Beat­tie ... oops. Ja­son IT’S not a shock return. It’s a shock­ing return. She couldn’t run an ex­ten­sion cord. Rowan BORN in Amer­ica ... fa­ther Amer­i­can ... mother Aus­tralian. Since they are check­ing ev­ery­one, could she have dual cit­i­zen­ship? Mary NOT sure about Turn­bull but I’ve rarely had much more fun watch­ing what passes as gov­ern­ment these days. Elizabeth

Jac­qui Lam­bie’s exit brings the num­ber of dual cit­i­zen scalps to eight.

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