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NOT a fan of Jac­qui Lam­bie, but I think if you have sworn an oath to this coun­try, and served in the de­fence forces, then that should au­to­mat­i­cally re­nounce any dual loy­al­ties. Greg, Dan­de­nong THOSE pompous High Court judges must be laugh­ing their heads off. Kerry, Kingston, Tas TURN­BULL and Shorten both found to be dual cit­i­zens — I’d like to see that. Span, Pak­en­ham ARE no La­bor sen­a­tors caught up in the cit­i­zen­ship fi­asco? Macca, Wer­ribee OVER­SEAS they have dic­ta­tors, in Aus­tralia we have par­lia­men­tary guide­lines — both the same rules. Dar­ren Guine, Sun­bury RITA Panahi is spot on in her col­umns. Our so­ci­ety is be­ing dumbed down by Leftie ig­no­rant ac­tivists who re­ally haven’t got a clue. Robyn, Ber­wick THE loss of 72,000 po­lice shifts must be partly at­trib­ut­able to our le­nient sen­tenc­ing and our lack of re­spect for mem­bers of the force. Chooka, Mildura IF you can get 10 years for a onepunch hit, then you should get the same or more for leav­ing a child in a locked car on a stink­ing hot day. G. Aarons, Launch­ing Place IN the Nether­lands sev­eral years ago my brother-in-law suf­fered se­vere pain from can­cer. He de­cided to end his suf­fer­ing us­ing eu­thana­sia. It was no “killing”; my brother-in-law died peace­fully with dig­nity in the pres­ence of his lov­ing fam­ily. Jo­hanna, Creswick WITH all the bil­lions of dol­lars the fed­eral gov­ern­ment has given NSW and Queens­land to up­grade High­way 1, all Vic­to­ria ap­pears to have are “rough sur­face ahead” signs. You only have to drive from Pak­en­ham to Trar­al­gon to see these. Be glad to see the back of Dan. David Lewis, Fern­tree Gully D.P. Rae (TT, 14/11), how much road space would two cy­clists need if they’re legally able to ride two abreast with 1.35m be­tween them — and they’re also want­ing a 1m dis­tance from cars in a 60kmh zone and 1.50m in an 80 or more zone? How wide does the road have to be to al­low this? Kath, Moe WHY can the Do Not Call reg­is­ter be cir­cum­vented by charities, po­lit­i­cal par­ties and any­one over­seas? B. Foxwell, Cran­bourne East LYLE Geyer (YS, 11/11), a true, car­ing friend, I wish I lived next door to you. T. Good­sell, Lav­ing­ton, NSW

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