The ban on big-game park­ing at the MCG dis­ap­pointed many at her­ald­

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YEP, it’s just as they told us, ter­ror­ism isn’t go­ing to change the way we live one iota ... ex­cept for park­ing bans and metal de­tec­tors at the MCG, end­less se­cu­rity lines at air­ports, bol­lards on ev­ery cor­ner, free speech re­stric­tions, car­jack­ings ... Suck it up, Aussies, this is the 21st cen­tury you didn’t ask for but your lead­ers gave you any­way. Ken

SO the ter­ror­ists win again. Fred

GET ready for over­crowded trains, taxis re­fus­ing short trips and Uber in­creased fees ... Yay! Aaron

WHY spoil it for ev­ery­one? Place a dozen sol­diers with ma­chine guns in and around the carpark and be done with it. Leigh

MY God, what a flawed pol­icy. Those want­ing to hurt peo­ple with a car will just fo­cus on games that al­low park­ing. Ab­so­lute joke. David

MAYBE in­stead of clos­ing the carparks, we could close our bor­ders to peo­ple who could po­ten­tially be im­port­ing these ideas? Ker­ryn

GOOD job we are not al­low­ing the fear of ter­ror­ism to af­fect our way of life. Barry

RIDICU­LOUS idea. I’m so sick of the mas­sive over-re­ac­tion to the tiny pos­si­bil­ity that one nutjob might do the wrong thing. Scott

LET’S spread and pro­mote fear. Let’s in­con­ve­nience MCC/MCG board mem­bers and staff and take away park­ing for them. Join the crowd. V

I LIVE in Morn­ing­ton and work ’til 5pm. How do I get to the MCG to watch a game on a Thurs­day or Fri­day night? It’s a five-hour round trip via pub­lic trans­port and I just paid 400-odd dol­lars for my mem­ber­ship. There is no way for me to get there be­fore half­time. Troy

AND Metro will do noth­ing to al­low for the ex­tra peo­ple trav­el­ling on trains as a re­sult. Tracy

GEE, I’d hate to see what would’ve hap­pened if we’d let the ter­ror­ists win. Ben­jamin

WHAT hap­pened to “ter­ror­ism will not change our way of life”? If your goal is to mur­der peo­ple, you sim­ply go and stand at the gate en­trances, where hun­dreds will be queued up. The carpark means noth­ing. Peter

THIS is sim­ply un-Aus­tralian. I de­mand the right to drive my hulk­ing 4WD into the city to a foot­ball sta­dium. How else am I sup­posed to get there? It’s not like there are any train lines nearby. Craig

SO those from the coun­try are screwed then. Ben

AB­SO­LUTE smoke­screen. Go to any NFL match in the States and the carparks are full, right up to the fences, with­out fear of ter­ror­ism. Give the park back to the peo­ple. Ivan­hoe

THIS is send­ing a clear mes­sage to ter­ror­ists to strike when two lowly teams are play­ing. We are run­ning scared. Maryanne

WILL the MCG be in breach of its per­mit con­di­tions by not pro­vid­ing park­ing? Pauline

SO there will be enough ex­tra trains to clear peo­ple from Rich­mond sta­tion? Doubt that. Stephen

LIKE last year, driv­ers will park in the lo­cal area and couldn’t give two hoots about the con­se­quences. Sally

PUB­LIC trans­port adds hours to your trip with all the work go­ing on. Linda

COOL. Hurst­bridge line is down for six weeks to start the sea­son. Mark

TIME to do a “Trin­ity” and rebel against id­i­otic and il­log­i­cal poli­cies. “This is a nat­u­ral pro­gres­sion of the mea­sures im­ple­mented at the MCG and other venues in re­cent years.” I beg to dif­fer. Michele

ANOTHER case of the tail wag­ging the dog. Damo

THIS world is more and more screwed ev­ery day. Sad. Jeremy

WELL, that’s the end of footy for me and my fam­ily then. Matthew

CON­SID­ER­ING the AFL is crap to watch live at the game now, looks like I’ll up­grade the couch and stick to watch­ing it in com­fort. Daniel

CARS should never have been al­lowed to park in Yarra Park in the first place. Are cars al­lowed to park in the Botanic Gar­dens? Si­mon

Fans will have lit­tle choice but to take pub­lic trans­port to big games.

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