Num­bers from a hat fi­nally make cents


A COLAC man has a mil­lion rea­sons to smile af­ter hit­ting the jack­pot in a TattsLotto draw last night.

The man, who has played the same num­bers for more than 15 years, plans to re­tire and buy a house with his $1 mil­lion wind­fall.

“I was watch­ing TV last night when the num­bers came up so I hit the pause but­ton and then checked them. I still can’t be­lieve it,” the man, who wants to re­main anony­mous, said. “Wa­hoo. It’s so ex­cit­ing. Oh my good­ness.”

The man said he picked his reg­u­lar num­bers from a hat years ago.

“I’ve been run­ning those num­bers, play­ing the same num­bers ev­ery week, for 15 or 20 years,” he said.

“I re­mem­ber pick­ing them out of a hat years and years ago and I’ve just kept play­ing them.

“I al­most gave up on them a few times but de­cided to keep play­ing them and it’s just un­be­liev­able.

“I’ve been plan­ning what I would be do­ing with my win for a long time.”

Colac Lotto owner Ros Mon­aghan said the store has sold five divi­sion-one win­ning en­tries in the past 13 months.

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