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start your christ­mas and new year plan­ning with some help from High­fields’ Own

Whether it’s Christ­mas at your house or just a fam­ily bar­be­cue, the idea of mak­ing a mass amount of meals can be a lit­tle idea. So, what do you do? Hire a caterer? As con­fronting as the idea may seem to or­gan­ise a party your­self, im­pos­si­ble — the key is plan­ning.

Nat­u­rally, you will need to know how many guests are at­tend­ing, which will mean that there will have to be an RSVP date at­tached to your in­vite.

Keep in mind the age range of the guests as well — hun­gry teenage boys will most likely eat more than the el­derly peo­ple in at­ten­dance.

The time of day of the party is im­por­tant, as it will dic­tate the size of the meal — if it runs over a meal-time, the food will have to be larger por­tions, so of­ten with these sit­u­a­tions it can be great to have a buf­fet.

If it doesn’t run over a meal time, lots of small ap­pe­tiz­ers might be a more suit­able op­tion.

For green, leafy sal­ads, one cup is gen­er­ally the stan­dard amount (be­fore dress­ing) per per­son.

In terms of desserts, it is of­ten best to have an in­di­vid­ual serve al­ready di­vided per serve to make it eas­ier to cal­cu­late how much you will need.

It’s al­ways bet­ter to have more than less — above all things, that is the best rule of thumb to fol­low.

Worst case sce­nario is that you have lots of left­overs! it isn’t


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