The mod­ern mummy: Meringan­dan West blog­ging sen­sa­tion

Meet wife and mother-of-two Bindy Scott, a Meringan­dan West lo­cal who has utilised so­cial me­dia to in­flu­ence the face of motherhood across the world


Known col­lo­qui­ally and prefer­ably as Bindy, Belinda Scott is the epit­omy of a mod­ern mother. Wife to Trent and mother to three-year-old Lulu and eight-week-old Tommy, Bindy be­gan her in­ter­na­tion­ally-renowned blog, Modern­wife­life31 at the end of 2014.

Bindy had writ­ten an­other blog for three years prior to MWL31 about her and Trent’s [Bindy’s hus­band] lives — their ad­ven­tures, day-to-day ex­pe­ri­ences — what­ever she felt like.

How­ever, when Bindy had their daugh­ter Lulu in Oc­to­ber of 2013, she didn’t feel as com­fort­able shar­ing all of the de­tails of their lives on­line, and she took a year -ong break from blog­ging.

By the end of 2014, Bindy’s call to write came back, and she chose to start blog­ging again, and Modern­wife­life31 was born.

“I wanted to do things dif­fer­ently and not put our lives ‘on show’ as much, so I cre­ated a new [web]site with a new di­rec­tion,” Bindy says.

“My vi­sion for this blog [Modern­wife­life31] was a pos­i­tive and en­cour­ag­ing web­site for other mums, a page where I could write what was on my heart and also a place for me to still oc­ca­sion­ally doc­u­ment ad­ven­tures from our lives and also stay con­nected in a more in-depth way with friends from all over Aus­tralia and the world.

“My goal for MWL31 is to en­cour­age women — en­cour­age them to en­joy and em­brace be­ing a wife and a mother.”

Prior to be­ing a stay-at-home mum at their home in Meringan­dan West, Bindy worked on her first web­site with brand­ing on spon­sored posts and worked in sales and ad­ver­tis­ing for a com­pany in Rock­hamp­ton prior to 2010.

Bindy spent most of her teenage life in Cen­tral Queens­land in very small min­ing towns, and be­fore that grew up in Ip­swich on her fam­ily’s farm.

Modern­wife­life31 has gained in­ter­na­tional recog­ni­tion, col­lect­ing fol­low­ers from across the globe, some of whom she has be­come great friends.

Bindy uses plat­forms such as Blogspot, In­sta­gram, Face­book, Pin­ter­est, Youtube, Twit­ter and more to put a mod­ern slant on her moth­er­ing style.

So why does Bindy put her put the de­tails of her fam­ily life on­line?

“I have the abil­ity to reach women through so­cial me­dia and my web­site and give them ideas on how to han­dle things that oc­ca­sion­ally may be dif­fi­cult,” Bindy says.

“What I write may not suit some peo­ple or work com­pletely for other fam­i­lies, but I like to think my read­ers may be able to take one or two of the things I sug­gest away and im­ple­ment them into their lives.

“My main goal with Modern­wife­life31 is to en­cour­age women to en­joy motherhood more, not nec­es­sar­ily be a ‘how-to’ or

par­ent­ing ad­vice blog.”

While Bindy of­fers tips for clean­ing, sim­ple ac­tiv­i­ties and crafts for parents to do with their chil­dren and the like, she aims to write pos­i­tive and hon­est posts that in­spire women.

“I reg­u­larly urge my read­ers to look for the joy ev­ery­day,” Bindy says.

“If you are hav­ing a hard day — which ev­ery­one does, try and turn it around by search­ing for some­thing — even just one small thing that is great about that day, fo­cus on that.

“Moth­er­ing can be tough, ev­ery­one has days where it all feels too hard — I want to in­spire women to en­joy and be proud of be­ing a wife and a mother.”

On Modern­wife­life31, Bindy’s posts — pre­dom­i­nantly about preg­nancy — are renowned for not shy­ing away from the touchy topics — they’re of­ten raw, open and bru­tally hon­est.

“Preg­nancy can be a very hard time for women and I find women like to read real posts — it is a beau­ti­ful time but it can be very rough,” Bindy says.

“I was very open and hon­est dur­ing my first preg­nancy which I doc­u­mented on my first blog page and also my Youtube chan­nel, and I found the re­sponse from those posts al­ways en­cour­ag­ing and pos­i­tive.”

Along­side this, Bindy keeps an ‘emo­tional’ seg­ment of her posts, list­ing what her feel­ings are at the time of writ­ing.

“I am very okay with be­ing open about my emo­tions on­line, es­pe­cially be­cause my read­ers are such won­der­ful, en­cour­ag­ing and un­der­stand­ing women,” Bindy says.

“I think talk­ing about emo­tions and men­tal health es­pe­cially dur­ing preg­nancy and motherhood is very im­por­tant.”

How­ever, Bindy has em­pha­sised how so­cial me­dia has made her more cau­tious about post­ing about her chil­dren on­line.

“Pub­licly I am very cau­tious about what I post about my chil­dren and our lives — I have seen a not so won­der­ful side of it,” Bindy says.

“On a pos­i­tive note though, thanks to so­cial me­dia I have met some bril­liant women that in­spire me daily to be a bet­ter mother and wife.”

Bindy Scott has for­ti­fied Modern­wife­life31 to be a safe and open en­vi­ron­ment for moth­ers across the world to read child-rear­ing ac­counts of ev­ery kind — a beau­ti­ful com­bi­na­tion of raw, happy, stress­ful and hon­est sto­ries.

“No one’s life is per­fect and easy, [and] I’m not try­ing to paint mine that way, but I find com­plain­ing about life doesn’t make it eas­ier,” Bindy says.

“What I strongly be­lieve can help im­prove our lives is our mind­set and how we view our lives.

“I try to write pos­i­tively about be­ing a Mum and wife in an effort to en­cour­age other women to view their role in a sim­i­lar way — I chose to write about the joy, be­cause that’s what I care to fo­cus on.”


Bindy Scott with her hus­band Trent and their daugh­ter Lulu and baby boy Tommy at High­fields Falls.

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