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250g but­ter 2/3 cup brown su­gar 1/2 cup con­densed milk 1 tsp vanilla paste 2 cups plain flour 100g chopped choco­late Mini Easter eggs


1. Pre­heat oven to 160 de­grees. Line bak­ing trays. 2. Beat but­ter un­til soft, then add su­gar and beat un­til light and creamy. Add con­densed milk. Beat un­til light and fluffy, then beat in vanilla. 3. Fold in com­bined flours and choco­late and mix well. 4. Roll ta­ble­spoon­fuls of mix­ture into balls and place on trays, leav­ing room for spread­ing. Flat­ten slightly, then bake for 12 min­utes or un­til pale golden. Quickly press three mini eggs into each bis­cuit gen­tly while still warm, then cool.

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