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Keep­ing your gar­den clean and beau­ti­ful dur­ing win­ter can be a bat­tle, as the cold weather ru­ins what you worked so hard for

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Main­tain­ing your gar­den dur­ing this sea­son is not as dif­fi­cult as you may think.

Here are four sim­ple steps that can help you in your bat­tle and trans­form your win­ter gar­den.


A good start to keep­ing your gar­den flour­ish­ing dur­ing win­ter is buy­ing win­ter plants that can thrive dur­ing this pe­riod.

Pan­sies are par­tic­u­larly nice as they are ex­tremely ver­sa­tile and flower far longer than any other win­ter plant.

They grow in sunny ar­eas as well as par­tially shaded ar­eas, mak­ing them easy to place.


You can cre­ate a lively feel in your gar­den by at­tract­ing birds to your home.

This can be done eas­ily by buy­ing a bird shel­ter, feed­ing them or – bet­ter yet – both.


Keep­ing your gar­den area clean is an es­sen­tial part to mak­ing any gar­den beau­ti­ful in any sea­son.

So you need to sweep and clean your pa­tio, deck­ing and bal­cony reg­u­larly.

Also, fall­ing leaves and wet weather can eas­ily cre­ate slip­pery sur­faces and, if left, may start to rot.

Make sure your plants are well main­tained so that they al­ways look fresh and alive.


Choose colours that re­flect the cold weather like cool shades of white, black and blue.

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