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SHIRES these days; they are on mas­sive CEO wages and sub­con­tract wages charged to the peo­ple to pay.

Each sub­urb that be­longs to a shire should check their run­ning ex­penses to run a shire. 1. Check the wages. 2. Do you need all these peo­ple?

3. How much are the run­ning ex­penses (eg of­fice works, parks, ma­chin­ery, pub­lic toi­lets, street signs, etc, etc)

4. What monies you need from State Govern­ment (eg to main­tain roads, as this is paid by your ve­hi­cle reg­is­tra­tion)

5. What the peo­ple think they need for their sub­urb and which comes first. They can’t have ev­ery­thing, as at the end of the day the cost will be spread equally to all the peo­ple in the sub­urbs.

6. Com­mer­cial and re­tail should not pay big rates as the charges are passed back to the peo­ple in the sub­urbs.

7. Re­mem­ber rates are rub­bish col­lec­tion and what it takes to run your shire.

8. The GRV and UV is not a rate, it’s a tax on your prop­erty of the value by Landgate. The Shire picks a rate (tax) of so much in the dol­lar; that is tax.

...(F)ed­eral nor the state govern­ment brought that tax law in, the shires did.

Some­one has to run the sub­urbs, each of you who have houses or build­ings, so make sure you get the best rate from your Shire.

Ev­ery­body should pay the same rate equal to run your shire.

If they need din­ner and drinks, they get per­mis­sion from the peo­ple and if they need a wage in­crease, they are the peo­ple.

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