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“I RE­MEM­BER when” is a sub­ject of­ten talked about in the lunch room of our of­fice, as is prob­a­bly in most work places.

For some­one like me in my 50s, talk­ing with staff who are in their early 20s and younger can be in­ter­est­ing.

I am pretty sure they think my gen­er­a­tion lived in a time unimag­in­able.

I watch them as they scan through their phones around the lunch ta­ble, check­ing out what ev­ery­one is do­ing, when in my time we would have been play­ing cards.

Watch­ing th­ese young peo­ple around me, I won­dered if all this in­for­ma­tion they are tak­ing in un­fil­tered is al­ways worth­while and a ben­e­fit to them.

I re­flect back on what our par­ents went through and the times they lived in.

My par­ents grew up in war times where things were hard to get, such as ba­sic food and clothes and chil­dren had only one or two pairs of shoes.

My mum could sew and make clothes, so most of my sis­ters’ dresses were home­made.

Hot wa­ter was a lux­ury and our clothes some­times were boiled in a cop­per heated over a fire which had to be stoked.

Fancy wash­ing ma­chines had a ringer that you had to hand-feed the wash­ing through, which I got my hand caught in a few times.

We all had chores that had to be done af­ter school and you had to eat what was put in front of you.

In our bath­room we had a rocket heater (named so be­cause it was shaped like a rocket) that had a hose to fill the bath.

You had to get the fire go­ing in­side the heater be­fore you could get any hot wa­ter, then it was too hot and I got burnt more than once.

I re­mem­ber the day we got an elec­tric hot wa­ter heater; it was so ex­cit­ing be­cause we could have a shower put in and for a teenage boy that meant long show­ers and huge power bills for the folks.

Funny, no mo­bile phones and no in­ter­net yet we all sur­vived and maybe I was lucky to not have the stresses of to­day.

It might have been sim­ple but I wouldn’t change a thing.

If you have any mem­o­ries like mine, email mem­o­ries@ realestateplus.com.au.

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