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Herbs suit ev­ery gar­den. They even man­age to turn a win­dowsill into a gar­den. Heat, no prob­lem. Cold, that’s fine too. Dry, wet, sandy or clay infested soil - you’ll find herbs that sur­vive and even thrive.

Be­sides their har­di­ness, there are scores of rea­sons to love herbs. They spice up your meals, at­tract ben­e­fi­cial in­sects, re­pel or act as sac­ri­fi­cial plants to pro­tect valu­able plants from pests, sooth a headache, pro­vide a ready cuppa for that friend that es­chews caf­feine! And they some­how man­age all this heavy lift­ing with­out los­ing any of their love­li­ness. In fact, the more you pick your herbs, the health­ier the plant be­comes. How’s that for a neat trick?

A few of my favourite herbs in­clude: Basil (Thai Basil is a peren­nial) - it en­hances many cooked meals but also is won­der­ful raw on a br­uschetta or a salad; Sage - two leaves cov­ered in hot water make a sooth­ing tea that damp­ens sore throats and mouth ul­cers; Lemon­grass - it’s a dec­o­ra­tive, tall, clump­ing grass plus the base of the stalks tang up a stir fry; Oregano - it be­comes a liv­ing mulch beat­ing out even the most stub­born weeds and it’s es­sen­tial in any spag bol. As I said, scores of rea­sons.

Why not try grow­ing a few more herbs your­self? I’m sure none of you have ev­ery va­ri­ety in your gar­den yet and I’m also sure you can find just enough space to squeeze in one more.

The next MTGC meet­ing is on March 3rd when a guest speaker will dis­cuss or­ganic gar­den­ing prod­ucts.

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