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Some peo­ple be­lieve that the Green Bans are dead and buried, but alas for the greedy, they are back with a vengeance and our Prime Min­is­ter has caught up with both of the main ones.

The first Green Ban was that of Thomp­son Square at Wind­sor, where the Lib­er­als wish to de­stroy a bridge built by a firm which had Mr Turn­bull’s an­ces­tor as one of its part­ners. This Green Ban has been in place be­fore the last NSW State elec­tions.

The new­est Green Ban has been of course in our Prime Min­is­ter’s elec­torate of Went­worth called the Bondi Pav­il­ion at Bondi Beach.

The con­tro­versy over the de­struc­tion of trees at Cen­ten­nial Park re­cently is only be­cause the BLF saved Cen­ten­nial Park from de­vel­op­ers.

Let us hope that nei­ther the next Turn­bull Fed­eral Gov­ern­ment will not al­lo­cate Fed­eral monies; nor tax con­ces­sions; nor the like mech­a­nisms to de­stroy ei­ther this his­toric bridge at Wind­sor nor the Bondi Pav­il­ion. Nor I hope will a fu­ture La­bor Gov­ern­ment, but it is un­likely this will oc­cur on July 2 2016.

Bill Shorten will prob­a­bly lose his seat to the Greens, es­pe­cially since he came out in favour of Fed­eral Fund­ing for de­stroy­ing in­ner city Syd­ney by the West­con­nex, but sup­ported the Vic­to­rian La­bor’s and Greens’ cam­paign at stop­ping the Mel­bourne Zoo to Clifton Hill Free­way.

This con­tract was signed dur­ing the care taker pe­riod by the for­mer Vic­to­rian Lib­eral Gov­ern­ment. The cur­rent La­bor Vic­to­ria Gov­ern­ment should have fought this breach of the care taker con­ven­tion but in­stead it paid over a bil­lion dol­lars for this free­way not to be built.

My late grand­fa­ther of­ten took pic­tures of the Bondi Pav­il­ion to send to rel­a­tives in Eng­land and Wales. Just as Mel­bourne’s Green trams are an icon of

Mel­bourne, the Bondi Pav­il­ion is an icon of Bondi Beach.

Tom Tyrer, a Vic­to­rian foun­da­tion mem­ber of the Aus­tralian Democrats, helped the BLF to save the Mel­bourne Mar­kets.

If peo­ple wish to vote for the Aus­tralian Democrats, they can vote for our Vic­to­rian Team.

Bye for now

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