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Fol­low­ing the suc­cess of last year’s bin in­spec­tions, Coun­cil is again con­duct­ing bin in­spec­tions across the Hawkes­bury to keep im­prov­ing recycling rates for recycling and gar­den or­gan­ics bins.

Bin in­spec­tion pro­grams are an im­por­tant as­pect of com­mu­nity recycling ed­u­ca­tion, pro­vid­ing di­rect feed­back to res­i­dents on the way they re­cy­cle. This also helps Coun­cil de­velop tar­geted pro­grams to help res­i­dents re­cy­cle bet­ter.

When a recycling or gar­den or­gan­ics bin is con­tam­i­nated with in­cor­rect items, the re­cov­ery process be­comes less ef­fi­cient and can re­sult in valu­able re­sources be­ing sent to land­fill rather than be­ing reused or re­cy­cled. This causes both fi­nan­cial and en­vi­ron­men­tal loss.

Con­tam­i­na­tion makes the ser­vice more ex­pen­sive; it can cause in­jury to work­ers sort­ing the ma­te­ri­als and it can also re­sult in truck­loads of recycling or green waste be­ing sent to land­fill.

In­spec­tions are be­com­ing more com­mon among coun­cils through­out Aus­tralia, with Hawkes­bury City Coun­cil’s Waste Ed­u­ca­tion Con­trac­tor, En­vi­roCom, con­duct­ing such pro­grams on be­half of Coun­cil since 2013.

The vis­ual in­spec­tions are con­ducted on the morn­ing of recycling or gar­den or­gan­ics col­lec­tions, pre­dom­i­nantly in ar­eas that have been tar­geted for con­tam­i­na­tion is­sues. The in­spec­tors look in­side recycling and gar­den or­gan­ics bins that have been placed on the kerb­side but they don’t rum­mage through or tip them out.

Res­i­dents will ei­ther re­ceive a green Smi­ley Face Bin Tag if the cor­rect ma­te­ri­als were found in­side, or a red Con­tam­i­na­tion Sad Face Bin Tag to as­sist with sort­ing recycling cor­rectly in the fu­ture if in­cor­rect items were present. Res­i­dents will also have a sticker placed on the bin as a re­minder that plas­tic bags and other soft plas­tics can­not go in the recycling or gar­den or­gan­ics bins.

The bin in­spec­tion pro­gram is for ed­u­ca­tional pur­poses only and res­i­dents will not re­ceive fi­nan­cial penal­ties if con­tam­i­na­tion is present.

For­tu­nately, many res­i­dents al­ready know what to place in the recycling bin and the gar­den or­gan­ics bin.

Bin In­spec­tion

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