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Power Prices are a hot topic at the moment and there seems to be no end in sight!

The re­moval of the car­bon tax was meant to be a re­prieve for our power bills and give us a chance to breath a lit­tle but…. as many pre­dicted this was not to be the case.

Last year saw a 12% price rise to the cost of our en­ergy and now we have seen that we’re about to re­ceive an amaz­ing 16-30% price rise of power de­pend­ing on who your re­tailer is !

It begs the ques­tion…. How can we use less power then so we don’t have to buy so much??? Or how can we pro­vide our own power so we can have some free­dom of our us­age?

A lot of us are al­ready on the sus­tain­abil­ity path but some don’t even con­sider that they are. Let me ask you how many peo­ple have a rain­wa­ter tank? A com­post bin or pile? A vege gar­den or even a small herb pot?? All of these things that many of us take as stan­dard liv­ing pat­terns are be­ing sus­tain­able in some form whether its large or small scale , Its sus­tain­abil­ity in mo­tion….

This has led from or led to some larger forms such as so­lar hot wa­ter and nowa­days we have so­lar power sys­tems that can gen­er­ate our own power at a rel­a­tively cost ef­fec­tive rate .This is the view bring­ing many peo­ple to start tak­ing the plunge into the “what more can I do “state of mind.

Like John And Gae From Lower Port­land. For quite some years now they have been rel­a­tively self suf­fi­cient on there cozy hill­side po­si­tion liv­ing in a Nat­u­ral Tim­ber log Cot­tage over look­ing the Hawkes­bury river . Their Vege Gar­dens and a few chooks take care of some of their feed and a so­lar hot wa­ter sys­tem they in­vested in years ago pro­vides plenty of en­ergy ef­fi­cient hot wa­ter for them mak­ing them feel quite sus­tain­able on the whole. But the more they ques­tioned whether they were do­ing enough the more they liked the idea of so­lar power and looked to make the move into the so­lar power way of life. Af­ter learn­ing more they dis­cov­ered that un­used en­ergy would es­sen­tially be wasted by let­ting it feed to the grid and liked the idea of stor­ing that power to use later in­stead. This way they were be­ing al­most ”self suf­fi­cient” !

Af­ter some dis­cus­sions on the re­sult that SKYLINE SO­LAR could achieve for them it was de­cided that a 5kw So­lar Edge Op­ti­mised com­bi­na­tion with the SUNPOWER high per­for­mance pan­els would be cou­ple a TESLA POWERWALL 2 !

The in­stal­la­tion of this pack­age has now meant that we were able to es­sen­tially run the en­tire house through the TESLA POWERWALL 2 and to give this house the abil­ity to op­er­ate in a black out !

This was the perfect re­sult John and Gae were af­ter so they could strongly stand by their val­ues of re­duc­ing their im­pact on the en­vi­ron­ment now more than ever be­fore. As John said “The bonus is we should ba­si­cally have no power us­age now and have re­duced our car­bon foot­print dra­mat­i­cally! , If we’re go­ing to ed­u­cated oth­ers on their foot­print then we need to walk the walk to talk the talk. “

In­vest­ing in So­lar Power and TESLA POWERWALL 2 sys­tems is smart choice. This is the best way to se­cure your cost of power and nevr worry about price hikes again.

For fur­ther in­for­ma­tions and pric­ing of pack­ages to suit your needs con­tact the team at SKYLINE SO­LAR 5/317 Wind­sor Rd., Vine­yard. Call 1300 759 765

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