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Their com­pact form makes suc­cu­lents a win­ner when con­trasted with state­ment plants, such as this staghorn fern. Seek out con­tain­ers of dif­fer­ent shapes and sizes and pair with plants in pro­por­tion to re­tain vis­ual har­mony. Here, echev­e­ria is bal­anced with tall san­se­vieria and cras­sula in dis­parate clay pots, and a mix of vin­tage items.

“If you’re not a fan of tra­di­tional suc­cu­lents, con­sider types that take on a shrub-like form and pro­vide colour. Cras­sula un­du­lata and Kalan­choe ‘Sil­ver Spoons’ are ex­am­ples” ~ Matt Leacy, Lan­dart Land­scapes

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