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In our 40s, bod­ies start to show signs of wear and tear and change, mak­ing screen­ings im­por­tant, Dr Tan­ner says. While women in this age group tend to put fam­ily first and ne­glect their own health, he rec­om­mends a check ev­ery two years of a full blood count, blood sugar lev­els, blood pres­sure, weight and “SNAP” (Smok­ing, Nutri­tion, Al­co­hol and Phys­i­cal ac­tiv­ity). As ki­los be­come harder to shed, a more dis­ci­plined at­ti­tude to diet and ex­er­cise may be nec­es­sary. If bone den­sity is found to be not op­ti­mal, it can be im­proved with weight bear­ing ex­er­cise, for ex­am­ple ten­nis, skip­ping, jog­ging and weights. And skin changes like more dry­ness and pig­men­ta­tion mean an­nual skin can­cer checks are nec­es­sary, too.

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