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Tape mea­sure

Rope or spray paint Shovel and rake

Hose or wa­ter­ing can and ac­cess to wa­ter Spirit level Crushed rock sub-base and crushed stone Syn­thetic turf

Sharp util­ity knife

(with spare blades)

Tuff Turf Join­ing Tape 100-150mm flat-head nails

Sil­ica sand (10-15kg per sq m of turf) Stiff-bris­tled broom

STEP ONE Re­move all loose veg­e­ta­tion and de­bris in the marked area where you’re lay­ing the turf. Then, dig it out to a depth of 75-80mm and rake to level it out, ready for the sub-base.

STEP TWO Place and com­pact ap­prox 60mm of crushed rock as a sub­base. Sprin­kle wa­ter over and com­pact un­til it’s firm (a vi­brat­ing plate gives the best re­sult).

STEP THREE To give an even fin­ish, add a fine 20mm layer of crushed

stone and level out again, fol­low­ing the same pro­ce­dure. Af­ter this, the base should be ap­prox 15mm be­low the height of the sur­round­ing marked area.

STEP FOUR Lay out turf and leave for a few hours to re­move creases and set­tle (al­ways run in the same di­rec­tion). Then, us­ing a util­ity knife, cut along edges, and around trees and flowerbeds, to fit the area.

STEP FIVE Join the turf, mak­ing sure each join­ing

strip isn’t touch­ing or over­lap­ping, and never more than a 5mm gap.

STEP SIX Se­cure the edges of the turf with 100mm or 150mm flat­head nails into the rock base as close to the edge as pos­si­ble and con­tinue ev­ery 200–300mm.

STEP SEVEN Fill in the gaps be­tween each blade to give them sup­port to stay up­right. Use a stiff broom to brush the blades up­wards; this makes it eas­ier to dis­trib­ute the sand in­fill evenly.

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