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You will need 5 x pieces of dowel (1.8m long x 19mm di­am­e­ter); drill; 5m can­vas or cot­ton drill fab­ric; 1m of rope.

STEP ONE Drill a hole through each piece of dowel, about 15cm down. Thread the rope through each of the holes and tie tightly to se­cure.

STEP TWO With the poles splayed into the teepee shape, mea­sure the edges of each “tri­an­gle” side of the teepee. Draw mea­sure­ments onto the back of fab­ric rem­nants – you will have five tri­an­gles. Cut out tri­an­gles al­low­ing a 2cm bor­der on each side (so you have a sew­ing al­lowance).

STEP THREE With fab­ric fac­ing right-side in, sew tri­an­gles to­gether along the long sides, leav­ing a hole in the top for the poles to poke through. Cut an open­ing in one panel to make the door. Hem the teepee cover.

STEP FOUR Turn the teepee cover right-side out and slip over the poles. Splay poles out to tighten and sup­port the teepee cover. You could add ties to at­tach cover to poles if you want to.

OUT­SIDE Peek­a­boo! Harry and Lily play hide and seek in their gar­den teepee.

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