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YOU WILL NEED White enamel paint

2 x 180cm x 45cm x 19mm lam­i­nated pine pan­els

(for the top and bot­tom, 45cm deep for the seat)

2 x 120cm x 45cm x 16mm lam­i­nated pine pan­els

(will give 4 x side pan­els, so there will be three cubes) PVA glue

Drill and screws

5.4m x 66cm x 18mm piece of primed pine mould­ing

2 x white, pre-primed in­ter­nal hol­low-core doors 4 x pre-primed fin­ger jointed pine bat­tens

4 x 110mm chrome coat and hat hooks

2 x 150mm chrome door pulls (to rep­re­sent old door han­dles on the doors)

3 x cube stor­age bas­kets

STEP ONE Un­der­coat and paint the pine pan­els and doors, leave to dry.

STEP TWO Mea­sure and cut the 120cm x 45cm x 16mm pine pan­els to make the cube sides. As­sem­ble cubes by at­tach­ing the side pan­els to the top and bot­tom pan­els with PVA glue and screws to se­cure. Add the skirt­ing de­tail (pine mould­ing) to the base.

STEP THREE Next, join the two doors by screw­ing tim­ber bat­tens to the back and at­tach to the cubes. Touch up the paint where re­quired and sand back here and there for a rus­tic look.

STEP FOUR Screw in hooks and chrome door pulls as dec­o­ra­tive door han­dles and place stor­age bas­kets into the cubes to fin­ish.

DIY chal­lenge James cre­ated stor­age and hang­ing space. af­ter

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