James’s tips for a laun­dry you’ll love to spend time in.

James Tre­ble shares his tips for turn­ing a dirty se­cret into an or­gan­ised, beau­ti­ful space.

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THE LAUN­DRY USED TO BE that room at the end of the hall, stacked with dirty clothes wait­ing to be washed and ran­dom clean­ing prod­ucts. Those days are gone. The laun­dry has be­come an im­por­tant part of the fam­ily home and needs to be well thought out. It’s also high on the list of wants for pur­chasers, so get­ting it right will not only help keep you or­gan­ised and save time, it can add value. Here are my top tips for achiev­ing your best pos­si­ble laun­dry.



Con­sider what best suits your fam­ily’s needs as it’s not al­ways a case of big is bet­ter. For ex­am­ple, a toploader will al­low you to drop in and lift out clothes with­out bend­ing over, whereas a front-loader takes up less space and al­lows valu­able bench space above. Some brands have match­ing wash­ing ma­chines and dry­ers that stack one above the other, but wall­mount­ing your dryer may pro­vide you with value-adding bench space.

If you have a tight space, a washer/ dryer may work for you. It takes longer be­tween loads but saves space. The dryer will need to let out the hot air, as well as fluff and dust, so you’ll need to con­sider ven­ti­la­tion. Duct­ing to out­side is usu­ally rec­om­mended.

There are many styles of wash­ing ma­chines but it’s worth spend­ing on a qual­ity brand with a good war­ranty and en­ergy rat­ing with low wa­ter us­age, as even a small fam­ily can get through a lot of weekly washes.



Even in the largest of homes, well-de­signed stor­age al­lows you to find a place for ev­ery­thing and stay clut­ter­free. The most ba­sic re­quire­ment is stor­age for laun­dry pow­der/de­ter­gents and other clean­ing aids. This may be as sim­ple as shelv­ing un­der the laun­dry

tub or a su­per-or­gan­ised space with des­ig­nated con­tain­ers clearly marked. Try and in­clude a broom cup­board and look to over­head shelv­ing or cab­i­nets for all those nasty chem­i­cals, pegs and shoe pol­ishes.



The most com­mon laun­dry tap is the wall-mounted swing tap with

ad­justable spout. It’s prac­ti­cal as you can move it out of the way while us­ing the sink, and slide the spout out­wards when fill­ing a mop bucket, leav­ing it on the floor and sav­ing your back. Also, con­sider a pull-out spray mixer mounted on the tub in­stead of the wall.

For the wash­ing ma­chine tap­ware that con­nects your wash­ing ma­chine hoses to the wa­ter sup­ply, why not in­stall them un­der the tub in your cabi­net for a mod­ern, clean look.

Then, if there are any wa­ter is­sues, you can sim­ply open the base cabi­net and turn off the taps. Hid­ing the taps will also free up the bench space above if you have a front-loader.



Don’t be afraid to use tim­ber grain or coloured lam­i­nates for your laun­dry cab­i­netry. The cost dif­fer­ence isn’t mas­sive and it can el­e­vate your look from stan­dard white to “wow”.

Peo­ple of­ten se­lect stan­dard white tiles for the splash­back, too, but you can add thou­sands in per­ceived value by turn­ing up the “vol­ume” a lit­tle. Sub­way tiles look fan­tas­tic, or con­sider mar­ble

mo­saic tiles to make a state­ment. A laun­dry splash­back is usu­ally un­der 1 sq m, so even when look­ing at $80 a sq m, it won’t break the bank. The same ap­plies to the floor­ing, so why not make an im­pact with it and turn your laun­dry into a space you love?

Shelve it Go for open stor­age above the bench.

EM­BOSSED Laun­dry bas­ket tin, $12, from Kmart. HAND WO­VEN Verso De­sign “Lastu” small square bas­ket in Black Leather, $80, from De­sign­stuff.


Town Talk White Orchid fine fab­ric wash, $19.95, from VGM In­ter­na­tional.

Tim­ber top The wood fin­ish co­or­di­nates with the rest of this home.

Mid air

If there’s space, in­clude a rail for air­ing or dry­ing.

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