To make this im­pres­sive dessert, sim­ply stack crisp pas­try, cus­tard and fruit.

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Layer pas­try, cus­tard and fruit to make this im­pres­sive dessert – it’s easy!


11/2 sheets frozen puff pas­try, thawed

2 or­anges, scrubbed

2 cups milk

1/2 cup caster su­gar

1/4 cup cus­tard pow­der

2/3 cup thick­ened cream (ap­prox­i­mately) 250g straw­ber­ries, thinly sliced

Ic­ing su­gar, to dust

ONE Pre­heat oven to 200ºC/180ºC fan forced. Line a bak­ing tray with bak­ing pa­per. Place pas­try on pre­pared tray. Top with a sheet of bak­ing pa­per and a bak­ing tray. Bake for 15 min­utes. Turn trays over and bake for 15 min­utes more or un­til browned. Re­move top tray and pa­per. Cool. TWO Mean­while, us­ing a veg­etable peeler, peel zest from or­anges into long thin strips, avoid­ing any white pith. Cut the or­anges into seg­ments. Set the seg­ments aside. Com­bine zest, milk and caster su­gar in a saucepan over mod­er­ate heat; cook and stir for 3 min­utes or un­til su­gar dis­solves. Bring just to the boil, then re­move from heat. Stand for 10 min­utes to al­low flavours to in­fuse. Us­ing tongs, re­move and dis­card the or­ange zest.

THREE Blend cus­tard pow­der with 1/2 cup of the warm milk mix­ture un­til smooth.

Add cus­tard mix­ture to re­main­ing milk mix­ture; stir un­til smooth. Place pan over mod­er­ately high heat; cook and stir for 3 min­utes or un­til cus­tard boils and thick­ens. Trans­fer cus­tard to a heat­proof bowl. Cover sur­face di­rectly with plas­tic food wrap to pre­vent a skin from form­ing. Cool. Stir to loosen. Stir in enough cream un­til smooth. FOUR Us­ing a large ser­rated knife, gen­tly cut whole pas­try sheet in half, then cut each pas­try sheet into 4 rec­tan­gles cross­wise. You should have 12 rec­tan­gles. Di­vide cus­tard evenly among 8 of the rec­tan­gles. Top with or­ange seg­ments and straw­ber­ries. For each mille-feuille, stack two of the cus­tard-topped rec­tan­gles then top with a plain pas­try rec­tan­gle. Serve dusted with ic­ing su­gar.

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