Here’s a nifty way to store and dis­play tiny jew­ellery.

Homes+ (Australia) - - CONTENTS - Barry Du Bois is a pre­sen­ter on TV’s The Liv­ing Room, a mas­ter builder, in­te­rior de­signer and prop­erty devel­op­ment ad­viser. FROM THE EX­PERT

This month’s DIY project by Barry Du Bois.

YOU WILL NEED scrap piece of board (I used 280mm x 280mm); pen­cil; heart tem­plate (I down­loaded one on­line); jig­saw and fine tooth blade; ruler; drill with spade bit; sand­pa­per and block; paint­brush; paint; can or jar; two lengths thick rope; nail gun; string; chicken wire/mesh; wire cut­ter ONE Place board on a clean work sur­face. Us­ing pen­cil and heart tem­plate, draw a heart onto the board. TWO Use a jig­saw with fine tooth blade to cut out the heart shape. THREE Mark out a tri­an­gle (or any shape of your choice) in­side the heart, leav­ing at least 25mm of wood around the out­side of the tri­an­gle.

FOUR Use spade bit to drill out the cor­ners of your tri­an­gle.

FIVE Use jig­saw to join cor­ners and cut tri­an­gle shape out of the heart.

SIX Use sand­pa­per and block to sand down the in­side edges of the heart. SEVEN Mark a point about 20mm from the bot­tom point of the heart. Drill a 4mm hole where marked. EIGHT Paint the heart. When dry, sand and ap­ply a sec­ond coat of paint.

NINE Place a can or jar at the top of heart. Run rope around the edge of the heart and can. Let rope ends over­hang base of heart, pull taut and use the nail gun to fix rope to the edge of the heart. TEN Thread string through hole at the base of the heart and wrap tightly around both ends of rope, bind­ing it to a length of 30mm. Tie off the ends. ELEVEN Use wire cut­ters to cut a piece of chicken wire just larger than the cut-out tri­an­gle shape.

TWELVE Place wire over back of the hole. Run rope around edge of wire and use nail gun to af­fix wire to the heart through the rope. This will also keep the ear­ring holder from touch­ing the wall.

Pretty as a pic­ture Hang your project as part of a wall dis­play.












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