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You will need Pal­let; ham­mer or crow bar; two lengths of tim­ber the same depth as your pal­let, cut to the width of your pal­let; scrap tim­ber; chalk­board paint; paint­brush and chalk; pot­ted herbs or flow­ers

ONE Lay pal­let down and re­move two or more slats to cre­ate two gaps to fit plants into at the cen­tre and base of the pal­let – where the cross pieces are.

TWO Lean pal­let against the wall and slide each length of tim­ber ply­wood onto the cross pieces to cre­ate two shelves for the pots to sit on.

THREE Paint scrap tim­ber with chalk­board paint and, once dry, screw into place onto the front of each shelf.

FOUR Place pot­ted plants into each shelf and write names of herbs onto each la­bel us­ing chalk.

TIP If the back of your pal­let is miss­ing slats, re­move them and screw on a cut-to-fit piece of cor­ru­gated iron.

Bag it If you de­cide to build sacks in­stead of shelves, just sta­ple them into each gap.

Flower power

If a herb garden isn’t for you, try pot­ted an­nu­als. They’ll add a lovely splash of colour to your out­door space.

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