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YOU WILL NEED a bowl; two pieces of card­board; pen­cil; tum­bler; scis­sors; yarn; util­ity knife

ONE Place bowl up­side down on card­board. Trace around it with a pen­cil. TWO Place tum­bler up­side down in the cen­tre of the cir­cle cre­ated by the bowl and trace around it us­ing a pen­cil.

THREE Use scis­sors to cut large cir­cle out, then cut out the in­ner cir­cle to cre­ate a dough­nut-shape tem­plate. FOUR Re­peat on other piece of board so you have two tem­plates. Place tem­plates on top of each other.

FIVE Wrap yarn through the in­ner hole and around the outer rim - the more wool you use the thicker the pompom. SIX In­sert knife be­tween the two rings to cut yarn around edge of cir­cle.

SEVEN Slip a piece of yarn be­tween tem­plates, tie tight and knot to se­cure. EIGHT Slip tem­plates off. Your fin­ished pompom is ready to be dec­o­rated with!


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