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HOR­ROR FORE­CAST If you know high tem­per­a­tures or hot winds are due, give plants a once-over with a prod­uct that pro­tects them from wa­ter loss, heat and sun­burn, like Yates Water­wise Drought­shield.

WHEN YOU’RE AWAY If you don’t have au­to­matic ir­ri­ga­tion sys­tems or great neigh­bours, wa­ter­ing the garden when you’re on hols can seem tricky. Push up­turned bot­tles into the ground and fill with wa­ter – they will slowly empty and are great for your trea­sured plants. For in­door plants, there are blown glass ver­sions that look like crys­tal bub­bles. For trees, try a Green­well – a re­cy­cled plas­tic prod­uct placed around the trunk to di­rect wa­ter to the root zone.

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