“Reg­u­lar pol­ish­ing will pro­tect and high­light tim­ber’s nat­u­ral beauty.”

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long. Avoid us­ing acidic liq­uids such as lemon and pineap­ple juice, nail pol­ish and methy­lated spir­its on tim­ber sur­faces. Wipe up spills and clean marks as soon as pos­si­ble with a damp cloth wrung out in cool to warm soapy wa­ter, and dry with a soft cloth to re­move mois­ture. Reg­u­lar pol­ish­ing will pro­tect and high­light tim­ber’s nat­u­ral beauty and char­ac­ter – and there are many en­vi­ron­men­tally re­spon­si­ble prod­ucts avail­able. Make sure you fol­low the grain of the wood when wip­ing the sur­face.

Tim­ber is a nat­u­ral prod­uct and will ex­pand and con­tract with tem­per­a­ture, so try not to place fur­ni­ture in di­rect sun­light or in front of hot west­erly fac­ing win­dows, and avoid lo­ca­tions near fire­places and air-con­di­tion­ing.


No mat­ter how care­ful you are, scratches are in­evitable on floor­boards or fur­ni­ture sur­faces, as these are places where things are dropped, dragged and placed daily. To re­move

light scratches, pol­ish the sur­face with a cot­ton, wool or mi­crofi­bre cloth. For slightly deeper scratches, use a

touch-up pen avail­able in a wide range of tim­ber tones from hard­ware stores. These wax-based prod­ucts fill the sur­face scratch with a colour-matched prod­uct to dis­guise the scratch. Or a quick and cost-ef­fec­tive so­lu­tion is to use chil­dren’s wax crayons, match­ing the colour to the tone of the tim­ber.

But be­fore you tackle the space in the mid­dle of the room, re­mem­ber to test a small in­con­spic­u­ous area first!

For deeper scratches it’s best to talk to an ex­pert ei­ther in the hard­ware store or, if the item is of a cer­tain value, to a spe­cial­ist French pol­isher. Re­pair­ing the dam­age will usu­ally in­volve sand­ing back the marks and ap­ply­ing new fin­ishes or stains. De­pend­ing on how handy you are, this may be some­thing you de­cide to take on. The best ad­vice is to al­ways test small “out of the way” ar­eas to make sure you can match the rest of the fur­ni­ture piece or floor­ing in colour and gloss level. The devil is in the de­tail, so re­search and prepa­ra­tion is key to en­sure you get a great re­sult.

EARTH-FRIENDLY Eco Clean floor cleaner, $6.60, from White Magic.

BEESWAX BLEND Town Talk Pol­ish Co Ltd fur­ni­ture wax, $29.95, from Al­fresco Em­po­rium.

On the out­side

To pre­vent prob­lems from mois­ture ab­sorp­tion, seal ex­te­rior tim­ber doors –in­clud­ing edges – be­fore in­stal­la­tion.

LOVELY LAVEN­DER Wood pol­ish­ing wax, $14.95, from Buck­ley & Phillips Aro­mat­ics.

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