A fun and sim­ple idea for your out­door en­ter­tain­ing this sum­mer.

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Barry Du Bois shows us how to make a help­ful gad­get for your wine bot­tle.

HERE’S A NIFTY wine-glass holder that sits atop any wine bot­tle. It holds four glasses – one at each cor­ner – so you’re free to carry more snacks.

YOU WILL NEED pen­cil; ruler; square piece of scrap tim­ber ap­prox­i­mately 12mm-30mm thick (I used one 220mm wide); drill; 12mm-16mm and 32mm-35mm spade bit; fine-blade jig­saw or fine-tooth hand saw; or­bital sander; fine sand­pa­per and block; paint­brush; paint ONE Us­ing pen­cil and ruler, mark both di­ag­o­nals of tim­ber to find the mid­dle. TWO Mea­sure and mark 65mm along each di­ag­o­nal line, start­ing from the out­side edge of each cor­ner.

THREE Use small spade bit to make a hole in each cor­ner at marked points, stop­ping short of go­ing right through. Turn over and drill through from the other side to cut out each hole.

FOUR Use large spade bit to drill a hole through the cen­tre of the board us­ing the same method from step three. FIVE On the marked side of tim­ber, mea­sure 5mm either side of the di­ag­o­nal line to the hole in each cor­ner. SIX Dust off tim­ber and clearly mark out the rec­tan­gu­lar shape you have cre­ated in each cor­ner.

SEVEN Use fine-blade jig saw or fine tooth saw to cut out these slots.

EIGHT & NINE Give the board a thor­ough sand us­ing or­bital sander or sand­pa­per and block. Wipe down. TEN Paint board, pay­ing close at­ten­tion to each wine-glass slot.

Cus­tom fit Ad­just your mea­sure­ments ac­cord­ingly to suit your wine glasses.

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