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ONE Use chalk and tem­plates cut out of pa­per or sim­ply free­hand sketch let­ters that spell out your word onto a dou­bled layer of felt fab­ric in the colour of your choice.

TWO Cut around the marked let­ters us­ing scis­sors, leav­ing a 1cm border around the out­line.

THREE Use pins to fix the two let­ters to­gether, us­ing chalk lines as a guide. FOUR Us­ing a sewing ma­chine, sew along half of the chalked out­line, leav­ing one side un­sewn. Un­pin the un­sewn edge, stuff the let­ter with scrap felt (use a chop­stick if you need to push stuff­ing into let­ter ends) then re­pin the edge to­gether.

FIVE Sew re­main­ing edge. Trim ex­cess felt off let­ter for a neat fin­ish.

SIX Use pins to fix the top of each let­ter onto a length of yarn, pin­ning at the back so they can’t be seen. Or sew the let­ters onto the yarn.

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