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ONE Thread six 12mm wooden beads onto a length of jew­ellery wire, feed­ing the end of the wire through the fi­nal bead to form a cir­cle.

TWO Thread five beads onto the end of the wire, feed­ing it back through the fourth bead.

THREE Thread two more beads onto the wire.

FOUR Feed the wire back through the first of the five beads you threaded onto the orig­i­nal cir­cle of beads.

FIVE You should now have a leaf shape. Feed wire through the next bead on the cir­cle and re­peat steps three and four un­til you have five leaves.

SIX At the end of the fi­nal leaf, leave wire at the end and form into a loop for hang­ing. Knot and cut off ex­cess with scis­sors.

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