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ONE Draw cir­cles in pen­cil on card pa­per in the colour of your choice – use a com­pass or dif­fer­ent sized cups to get 10 cir­cles that in­crease in size (our small­est cir­cle was 4cm di­am­e­ter). TWO Cut each cir­cle out with scis­sors.

THREE Take the largest cir­cle and fold it in half, then ro­tate it 90 de­grees and fold in half again.

FOUR Turn the cir­cle shape over and fold in half di­ag­o­nally to the pre­vi­ous folds. Ro­tate 90 de­grees and fold again. FIVE You should now have an um­brella shaped piece of pa­per with four points. SIX Fold cir­cle in half and punch a hole in the cen­tre with sin­gle-hole punch.

SEVEN In­sert a wooden dowel into a wooden bead or into a ball of clay and leave to dry. This will be­come the base of your tree.

EIGHT Thread the large cir­cle onto the dowel, with the open um­brella side fac­ing the base. Re­peat steps three through six for the re­main­ing cir­cles and thread them onto the dowel in or­der of de­creas­ing size.

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