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You will need Serv­ing board (ours is $10 from Tar­get); mask­ing tape; paint and paint­brush; shel­lac sealer (op­tional); leather scraps; scis­sors; su­per glue.

ONE Across board, place strip of mask­ing tape to de­fine area to paint. TWO Ap­ply paint with paint­brush. THREE When paint is dry, ap­ply coat of shel­lac sealer to make the paint food-safe. (If you plan to use the board as a drinks tray or with bowls on top, you can skip this step.)

FOUR Cut leather into two rec­tan­gles, 10cm high, 20cm across.

FIVE Cut 2mm strips ap­prox 8cm up the leather, leav­ing 2cm across top. SIX Also cut a new piece of leather ap­prox 20cm long to be your string. SEVEN On the back of the 2cm un­cut leather strip, ap­ply su­per glue. Place one end of the string on glued area. EIGHT Start rolling from one side of the leather and hold in place un­til the glue has dried.

NINE Re­peat the glue/roll steps with the sec­ond piece of leather.

TEN Once the paint has dried, thread the mid­dle of the string through the hole in the board and make a knot to fas­ten the tassels in place.

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