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YOU WILL NEED 1 x set nest­ing dolls; 1 x roll pain­ters’ tape; damp cloth; newspaper or drop sheet; Lazy Susan; 1 x can Du­lux Du­ra­max Un­der­coat; 1 x can Du­lux Du­ra­max High Per­for­mance Enamel in

Vivid White Gloss; Du­lux

Du­ra­max Metal­lic Fin­ish in var­i­ous colours

ONE Pull dolls apart. Tape to pro­tect over­lap­ping ar­eas so dolls fit together after paint­ing. Wipe dolls with cloth. Place on newspaper on Lazy Susan, open­ings fac­ing down.

Ap­ply 1 un­der­coat. Ap­ply 1 coat Vivid White Gloss on all base halves.

TWO Spray tops of dolls with 2 coats Du­lux

Du­ra­max Metal­lic Fin­ish. Hold can 15–25cm from sur­face. Spray with smooth, even strokes.

Ap­ply two light-mist coats. To get an even­tex­tured fin­ish, slowly spin the Lazy Susan as you ap­ply the paint. Let the first coat dry for 1 hour be­fore ap­ply­ing sec­ond coat.

Colour fun

These are per­fect for play­rooms and kids’ bed­rooms.

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