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YOU WILL NEED old, rec­tan­gu­lar, metal cake tin; ham­mer and heavy-duty nail; drainage crocks; pot­ting mix (with a lit­tle sand or ver­mi­culite added for drainage); suc­cu­lents (see above); fine gravel.

ONE The tin will need good drainage, so if it doesn’t al­ready have holes in the base, make some ran­domly us­ing the ham­mer and heavy-duty nail.

TWO Cover the holes with drainage crocks, so they will not be­come blocked with pot­ting mix.

THREE Half-fill the tin with pot­ting mix and level the sur­face.

FOUR Take the plants out of their pots and start to ar­range them in the tin, moving them around care­fully (es­pe­cially if they are spiky!) un­til you are happy with the ar­range­ment. In gen­eral, us­ing the

taller plants to­ward the back with the smaller ones at the front works well, but play around with the de­sign, vary­ing the colours and shapes of the plants that sit next to each other.

FIVE Add pot­ting mix around the plants, mak­ing sure that there are no air pock­ets and fill­ing in any gaps. Level the sur­face of the pot­ting mix.

SIX Add some gravel to the sur­face of the pot­ting mix, en­sur­ing that it doesn’t dam­age the more del­i­cate plants. Wa­ter the tin and leave to drain.







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