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For each ball you will need hot glue gun; small sea shells (buy from eBay or craft store); 6cm poly­styrene ball (you can buy a set of 3 from Lin­craft).

ONE Ap­ply glue to the edge of a shell and press onto the base of the ball, al­low­ing to dry for 5 sec­onds.

TWO Con­tinue glue­ing shells clock­wise, slightly over­lap­ping each other, around the base of the ball. Grad­u­ally move up­wards un­til the whole ball is cov­ered.

THREE Glue a larger shell hor­i­zon­tally at the base of the ball so that it acts as a stand to steady the or­na­ment when dis­played.

DIY de­sign: all you need is a few sim­ple ma­te­ri­als.

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