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You will need pen­cil; fab­ric (1m x 50cm piece); scis­sors; pins; sewing ma­chine; white thread; cush­ion stuff­ing; nee­dle and thread.

ONE Draw a 45cm cir­cle on the back of the fab­ric with pen­cil.

TWO Cut around the cir­cle, leav­ing a 3cm hem.

THREE Place cut out cir­cle onto the re­main­ing fab­ric and cut out the sec­ond piece.

FOUR Lay the fab­ric on top of each other, nice sides fac­ing into each other. FIVE Pin around the traced line.

SIX Sew around the line with sewing ma­chine, leav­ing a gap of 20cm open. SEVEN Turn cush­ion out­side in, fill with stuff­ing and hand-sew closed.

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